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The World We All Want



Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Days of activism = the beginning of a lifetime involvement!

Read the editorial article from Dina Jaffary, one of the Y-PEER International & 10 DoA Activism Coordinators. We will be hosting different conversations on Conversations for a Better World. Make sure you stay tuned! :)

“Tell me, and I’ll forget; show me, and I’ll remember; involve me, and I’ll understand.” Confucius.
Youth amount to one-third of the total global population. You may think that being part of this considerably huge population would give you a special treatment. Think again.

Ninety percent of the world’s youth population live in developing countries, where education in some of these countries are still considered a luxury that most people can’t afford.

As young people we dream of a bright future. But this dream is far from reality, as many young people continue to live in poverty – often a direct result of lack of education and vice versa.

And so, when it comes to young people and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, also known as SRHR, you can expect a lot of misconception.

Some might find this introduction a bit discouraging but this doesn’t necessarily apply for young people. As young people, we breathe and live on hope. We dream that, despite all odds, we will be able to rise above all the challenges and create a new future for humanity. This dream can be realized with support from the world’s grownups, so imagine what it would be like if young people and adults joined forces and created space for youth to go out there and make a real change happen, once and for all!

Since Y-PEER’s establishment, we have mainly focused on SRHR, as evidence suggests that this is a big deal as well as a problem for a lot of young people in this world. As I am writing this blog, young people are still suffering because they are unable to realize their sexual rights, that’s why we keep pushing to grant young people more and better SRHR, but alone we can do only little, that’s why we need your help! And since we unquestionably believe that allowing young people to get involved makes a real difference, we launched 10 Days of Activism last year, as a way of encouraging young people wherever they are to start and keep advocating for their SRHR. Cos we all have the right to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Since 10 Days of Activism last year went beyond all expectations in terms of impact, we said: you know what, let’s do it again but on a bigger scale so that this time we guarantee a wider involvement of young people! And that’s how the 10DoA was planned for 2011!

As we are launching the 10 Days of Activism 2011 today (with 40 countries and thousands of young people from all over the globe!), maybe, just maybe, this could be a “the” opportunity to make the entire world hear young people’s voice. Your voice! as one thing we can promise you, that we won’t spare an effort in delivering it to the rest of the world.

You may be wondering “how you can I be involved?”

Well, during the 10DoA we will create a space for young people to take action, so  you can get involved in endless ways. All you need to do is to make up your mind and decide if you “really” want to get involved, and we’ll guide you through the process.

So it is all up to you, are you in?

Read the 10 Days of Activism press release for more info. The video above features young people from Y-PEER.

10 DoA Kicking off in Pakistan !

10 DoA Kicked off today and Y-PEER Pakistan started in a ceremony at Lasbella ;  for that purpose the Y-PEER's made this short film  to inspire more young people and organizations all over Pakistan !

It worth mentioning that  20 Y-PEER District Focal Points in Pakistan are attending  Young Leaders Conference which is starting from today and will end in the 6th of July 

waiting to hear more stories from Y-PEER Pakistan !

Want to help global advocacy effort with your knowledge on your country issues?

Y-PEER along with other youth organizations are collecting young people’s answer on youth sexual and reproductive health issues. Each organization are focusing on different regions to cover as many parts of the world as possible.

These answers will be compiled and used for creating messages for UN Youth High Level Meeting.

Y-PEER will be responsible for Russian speaking countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Arabic speaking countries in Arab States. Both surveys will be open till the end of 10 Days of Activism Campaign.
Every single answer counts. We need your support for strong advocacy. Thank you for your time :)

If you do not belong to any of these regions, please find below other surveys for your region;

Check out the planned activities from 42 countries

Display the full Calendar of 10DoA :


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