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The World We All Want


The World We All Want



Sunday, July 3, 2011

Y-PEER Uzbekistan on the News!

It can't possibly be more refreshing to see how all these amazing people around the world working so hard to raise their voices and make the entire world hear we are going through out the 10 Days of Activism day by day, we are receiving even more confirming news that we are somehow and on a different scales are succeeding in delivering these voices.
Today, Y-PEER Uzbekistan made it to one of the local news papers called "“Namanganskaya Pravda”, where they explained the concept of the world wide campaign, the importance of this article being published in such a socio-political news paper, is that this daily is widely popular among government's officials and employees alongside with the locals, and with a daily circulation of over 2000 copy, they have better chances in making the city officials hear them, have a better view of what the young people in city are planning, doing and trying to build through the 10DoA campaign.

10DoA & Y-PEER Uzbekistan are on a local newspaper

This was definitely a great step further, in a sense of involving decision makers in an indirect way within the local 10DoA campaign, and who knows, maybe this could be just the beginning!
Good job indeed by Y-PEER Uzbekistan, and looking forward to hear even more amazing news from you guys!

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