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Monday, July 4, 2011

Country Highlights - Volume 2

So What’s up in the Activists world on 10 DoA? Time for second volume of highlights. 

I guess you already can feel the amazing energy the endless enthusiasm and might noticed the variety of activities , to get a hint of what we are talking about here is a snap shots of some of the countries activities:

Bulgaria: the Summer school in Kovachevci  just Kicked off; Peer Educators worked together to create a song and a welcome for the trainees. Their aim was to present the role of the PE in an understandable way. Interviews and videos related to the topic of the day - “Youth activism” were made. The sustainable intergenerational dialogue initiated yesterday was carried on today with discussion of the common work and living rules. Young people shared their experience and plans for future activism.
Videos and interviews from the training were made which were related to intergenerational dialogue.  During the whole training in Kovachevci, videos will be made about different topics related to the 10 DoA campaign. After the training a short movie will be presented . The materials for the short movie are created and gathered every day.
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Armenia is hitting the place with 3 Days training course on Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Eghegnadzor, one of the regions of Armenia. 20 young people were involved to learn more about  STIs, SRH, Hygiene, Gender / sex issues, First sexual relationship, Unintended pregnancy, etc… The training course is designed for 16/23 aged target group. For the first day (2th-3th of July) we talked about Pregnancy, First sexual relationship, STIs, unintended pregnancy and abortion, hygiene, HIV/AIDS, PLWHIV aiming to Increase the knowledge of the youth in the regions of Armenia on the SRH issues, and broadening of the network by their future involvement Y-PEER Armenia.

Sudan is focusing on Social Media ; the hot topic in the world now for that a forum just started aiming to spot light on How  the young people can use the social media to tell and inform  their peers about their right on ASRH and Advocate for youth Health in general .
The forum was attended by 25 members from several NGOS members from  Sudan at UNDP meeting hall  .in Sudan /Khartoum .
The forum was promoted via Sudanese  Newspapers and Sudan national radio and by the end of the forum  participants made an action plan to make group .pages and account  in the social media.

Yemen is rocking via street action and peer education sessions! With all the political situation in Yemen we are very impressed with the Activism taking place in Y-PEER Yemen !
Field training in which the Y-PEERs will be distributing themselves in the areas where the poverty is very high and talking with youths about the most important topics related to their needs and reproductive health and distribute brief books about reproductive health. And Related to the Screen messages it will be shown by youths in Al Khour all over the days and our message was “the early marriage before 18 years leads to early pregnancy before 20 years and prevent the mother form having her right form education and her social rights... early, late, and repeated pregnancy is not good for woman's health.

Kazakhstan: Peer education trainings conducted to young people in Interpress English School located in South Kazakhstan. Topics are SRHR, including HIV/AIDS prevention, and leadership which reached more than 50 young people
Social media got a huge space too through Tweet-Facebook-Y-vision Boom – online ; During the day more than 15 people in Kazakhstan were posting tweets in,, stating the facts and problems of SRHR of young people in Kazakhstan in Russian and Kazakh languages.
Y-PEER Kazakhstan Tweeter account posted facts on SRHR in Russian, Kazakh and English languages. This will help to highlight the importance of peer education in the current realities.

More and More news will be shared the upcoming days ; and if you want to know what is going on in your country check our calendar

For more photos and videos from the countries, check out the right side of our web-site. 

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The Amazing Kick Off of the 10 DoA Campaign - Country Highlights

We are so happy to present you highlights of the first days. You can also be part of it, be part of the change :)

Georgia- The 10 days of activism campaign kicks off strongly in Georgia with hundreds of young people in including those belonging to ethnic minorities who participated in a capacity development training in Anaklia. The workshop covered topics related to HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, Gender-based violence and tolerance. The national media broadcasted the event in the presence of the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Elizabeth Roelovs, who presented UNFPA as main supporter of Y-PEER and talk about the importance of peer education as a good method of prevention.

Bulgaria On June 30th, Bulgaria kicked off its campaign with strong adovacy efforts to  mainstream compulsory health and sexuality education in the school curricula. The event was a hearing conducted before the Commission on Health and Ministry of Education took place.  This event is part of the UNFPA Bulgaria Country Office advocacy initiative “Because everyone counts”.
Day 2 of the campaign in Bulgaria was also full of activities. The network conducted a peer education training where 170 young people from 17 different regions participated to learn and to become Peer Educators.

Kazakhstan, a wonderful full of energy and enthusiasm street action took place. The activity conducted by the Y-PEERs aimed at raising awareness among the public on youth sexual and reproductive health and right (SRHR) through he distribution of informational manuals on SRHR booklets in Russian and Kazakh languages. The Y-PEERs were very happy talking to young people about SRHR, Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV prevention, as well as condom use issues.
The local TV Channel “Otyrar”, youth Newspaper “Molodezhka” came to cover the event which was estimated to have reached more than 350 young people.

Turkey, the campaign kicked off with a media activity! How wonderful it is that our Y-PEERs in Turkey were able to sensitize the public on the importance and use of social emdia tools. Also Y-PEER Turkey organized a event to disseminate the campaign ribbon among young people!
The second day of the campaign in Turkey was also awesome! Young people showed their support to the 10 days of activism campaign by recording video messages related to youth rights to sexual health, to access information and services on STIs and to voice out against discrimination against people living with HIV! Here is their latest movie, this time young people from Samsun talk about their issues.

Lebanon, the Y-PEERs in Lebanon couldn’t wait for July 1st to kick off their campaign, so they started it on June the 30th! :). The network in Lebanon organized a training workshop on gender issues, including gender equality and gender based violence.
Professional trainers from various well known NGOs and UN agencies trained the young people on how to raise awareness on those topics among their peers.
The amazing workshop assembled youth from Lebanon as well as Palestinian refugees, with the aim of having this group conduct awareness sessions on these topics in youth camps in rural areas of Lebanon, in the remaining period of the campaign.
A follow up workshop to train the Y-PEERs on tools to be used in the awareness activities will be conducted on Tuesday July 5 and the awareness sessions kick off on Wednesday July 6!

Sudan,SOCIAL MEDIA was the headline of the 10 DOA campaign in Sudan!! :) the Y-PEER network there was delighted by the training that developed their capacities in the use of social media in promoting for campaigns, social work, advocacy efforts, etc.
UNDP organized the workshop which was attended by 25 young people from various NGOs.
Media coverage also invaded Sudan in 10 DOA! The activity was covered by Sudanese newspapers and the Sudan national radio station :)

Somalia kicked off their campaign by conducting an awareness session on HIV/AIDS at Garowe City of Puntland state. The Puntland Y-PEER launched a focus group discussion assembling 25 young people, aiming at launching a debate among and an “experience sharing” session where the youth had the chance to speak up for their rights and share their experiences in relation to STIs and other issues linked to SRH.
Guess what, the media was also incited to take part of the discussion! :)

Follow up in the upcoming days for more exciting news from all over the world!!!

For more photos and videos from the countries, check out the right side of our web-site. 

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