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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Country Highlights - Volume 3

Ready to see what activities young people have been doing in the last days?

5 days have passed since the 10 Days of Activism Campaign started and we are happy to share with you the updates from some of the participating countries!

LGBTI Pride March in Lima

PERU; The organizations AsociaciĆ³n de Gay Feministas "Club de Toby" and OrganizaciĆ³n Juvenil LGTB "A tu Manera" participated in the LGBTI pride march, in Lima. It was the first time that march was opened by the mayor of the city, and was an estimated 5 000 people attended.

10 Days of Activism has officially started with a press conference. Speakers from UNFPA, Y-PEER, UN YAP, a youth organization with peer education experience, and a doctor from an adolescent friendly SR health center spoke about the SRH needs of adolescents and youth in Mongolia. Journalists, media personnel, peer educators, students, a doctor, and other youth organizations attended the event. The press conference was filmed by Mongol News and will be aired on the Mongol News TV channel. Media coverage includes Century News, Daily News, National Post, Mongolian News, Montsame newspapers, Parliament TV, Za TV and Aists Mongolia TV channels as well as the online news website

To promote the 10 Days of Activism Campaign and the Y-PEER network and encourage postings, was set up for photos, stories and information to be shared throughout the campaign.

A meeting with youth peer educator organizations was organized to introduce Y-PEER network and explain the 10 DoA campaign to relevant youth organizations. Involvement/membership in the network and campaign were discussed and further action was agreed upon. New Organizations such as ADRA, Child for Child, National Union of Students, Volunteer Center of Mongolia, Princess center expressedtheir interest to join. While RecFocus studio filmed the event, the excerpts will be used in the TV program which will be broadcast on Mongol News.

Also, In cooperation with UN YAP a TV program was recorded on the voices and needs of young people related to SRH issues and HIV/AIDS. The recording aimed to highlight the voices of youth, increase awareness of the Y-PEER network, adolescent SRH needs and issues, and the activities of ARH peer education activities in Mongolia.

Preparation and planning work for the rest of the campaign continued with more recording for the TV program. Also, decision makers where contacted to inform them of the campaign and provide them with information and statistics about the situation of adolescent SRH needs in Mongolia and advising them to take action.

Activists in Syria 

SYRIA;  Y-PEER Syria started the 10 Days of Activism Campaign in cooperation with the UN Volunteers [UNV] with a 2-Days NGOs fair. Youth lead organizations in Syria (Y-PEER Syria, UNV, JCI, Syria Trust for development & the Syrian Family Planning Association) presented their work to the public. The fair also hosted 2 photos exhibition: one of them showed photos of the "Youth in Arab States: Changing the World for the Better" gallery, and the other was prepared by an independent youth representing their own gallery.

Moreover, workshops and activities addressing Life Skills, Business & Social sessions were conducted, aiming to build the capacities & to introduce the importance of the volunteerism to young people.

Y-PEER Crew at Bakanabat

The Health Road in Balkanabat is a very nice place, in the mountain area, where people usually come to walk, run or just have picnic with families or friends. Y-PEER Volunteers conducted an outeach activity and placed different messages and questions related to Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Drugs along the Health Road. Participants could continue to walk as a team if they give correct answer, but if answer was incorrect all together moved back and started their way from Start point. The ideea was very much appreciated as it was both interesting and useful for the participants.

Project Development Training in Uzbekistan 

A peer-education training on Project Development and Management was conducted in close cooperation with UNV Uzbekistan and Y-PEER Network. This training built skills of participants on writing youth-related projects, implementation and management. During the training volunteers have finalized 7 projects for local youth that will be funded by UNV. The training was a good opportunity to strengthen the spirit of volunteerism among participants and enhance their potential as future Y-PEER leaders.
In Namagan Region, in the Youth park “Kamolot”, volunteers distributied IEC materials on HIV/AIDS among the people, simultaneously giving them information about 10 DoA Campaign.  The aim of the outreach activity was to raise awareness of youth on HIV issues by distribution of IEC materials, inform about the 10 DoA Campaign and encourage young people to spread the word further. 

In Fergana region, “Mehrjon” NGO together with Y-PEER network organized peer-education sessions on RH and HIV/AIDS. The trainings sessions focused on young people’s reproductive health and rights and HIV prevention issues and also involved rural young people. They were conducted in the youth summer camp, park, sport club and Fergana resource centre, aiming to raise awareness of local youth on RH and HIV issues, inform about the 10 DoA Campaign and encourage young people to spread the word further. 

The Sumer School in Kovachevci continues! One of the topics of training was Health Educations, including  Sexualuality Education. The trainees had two sessions in mixed groups with people from different cities and one session with their own town every day.  Trainees clarified their values and the role of the Peer Educator and got to know about the Peer education approach. Also, Y-PEER PETRI’s fellows took part in the training. They shared their experience and explained how youth activism takes place in their countries so all trainees found out more about Y-PEER and the 10 DoA campaign. Videos and interviews related to “Health Education” were made and will soon be finalized and widely shared.

Another 5 days are waiting for more action to go! Don’t forget to share with us your updates!

For more photos and videos from the countries, check out the right side of our web-site. 

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