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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Country Highlights Volume 4

We are half way through the Campaign. 

Young people all over the world are working actively and achieving amazing results through various activities. Read more about what have been done in the countries so far.

10 Days of Activism in Uzbekistan

Y-PEER representatives in Mongolia contacted decision makers to organize and set up a meeting where the decision maker(s) will be interviewed and filmed about adolescent and youth SRH needs later in the campaign.
Moreover, the script for a play was developed by a network representatives and it will be filmed shortly.


Project management training for 20 youth activists and community workers took place in the framework of the Campaign. It lasted for 3 hours and gave an opportunity to share best practices and experiences to plan, fundraise and run projects.
The participants were provided with practical and theoretical knowledge about project design and management. In the end trainees were assigned with the task of writing a project proposal - thus, they had a chance to practice the knowledge gained and learn how to plan a project to ensure successful delivery; mitigate risks and implement monitoring tools. 

As the result of the training, proposal writing and project management skills of 20 youth activists were enhanced. Participants learned how to organize resources, control project change and generate maximum team performance. Through case studies, they learned how to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects as well as how to use various project management and fundraising tools and develop leadership skills.

In the 5th day of 10 DoA, Yemen had open PE sessions where 8 Peer educators went to different -basically poorest- areas, talked to young people in there about the most important topics regarding their health needs, reproductive health, and distributed brochures.

In addition, the screen message was shown in Al Khour everyday during the 10DoA campaign. The message was “ the early marriage -before 18- leads to early pregnancy , and prevents mother from completing her education and derives her social rights… early, late, and repeated pregnancy is not good for woman’s health as well”.

Distributing brochures in Yemen

More young people are joining Y-PEER Network in 10DoA. 20 young people (12 males & 8 females- aged 18-23 Y.O) participated in Peer Education Workshop on HIV/AIDS & reproductive health. The training was conducted by four Y-PEER trainers.

“Transit” movie session/discussion was conducted in Tbilisi state medical university youth friendly RH informational center with participation of 15 young people aged 19 – 22. At the end of the session the open discussion among students was facilitated by peer educators. 

The main topics discussed were: HIV/AIDS, risky behavior, decision-making, drug abuse, stigma and discrimination, gender and gender equality. All participants received educational materials and condoms after the session. This event aimed to facilitate discussion among young people, share and collect ideas and decisions about SRHR. 

Discussing about "Transit"movie

Morocco started the 10DoA with the “National mutual aid” team, where discussions on sexual health, Human trafficking, and children’s rights were launched.
Also, Y-PEER Morocco visited orphanages and talked to the orphans about SRH.

Ministry of youth in collaboration with the ministry of strategic planning conducted a workshop to brainstorm “The Guide Lines for the 5th Year Strategy for Youth” with more than 50 attendance of different youth bodies, experts and people from the media to get the consensus and reach agreement about what is the guidelines for the next 5 years 2012 – 2016 national youth strategy.

The first part was an update about the status of the revision of the national youth strategy, and then there was a discussion. After that, a second session on (the role of the youth in building of their countries) had been started and followed by a discussion.

The last discussion was exercise to analyze the implementation of the strategy (SWOT analysis) and put it as recommendations and guidelines for the upcoming 5 years.

11 volunteers with the Y-PEER network held a session for 33 children with disabilities in Muruvvat Orphanage in the Fergana region. The session included a play, staged by the volunteers for the children and with the children’s participation in it. The aim of the sessions and work with the children was to raise the positive attitude to children with disabilities, educate on healthy life-styles and provide a fun and an educational day for the children.

1 Y-PEER trainer held an education session for 14 medical workers in the Republican Research Centre of Emergency Medical Aid, Therapeutic Department in the Namangan Region. As part of promoting the 10 DoA campaign, the session included topics on reproductive health and rights and HIV prevention. During the session, the medical workers worked in small groups, presented their work and were very enthusiastic about their participation and the information presented.

Peer Education Session - Volunteers of Y-PEER Uzbekistan

Members of the Y-PEER Uzbekistan network held a peer-education session in the Djizakh region. The Y-PEER members aimed at raising the awareness of last-year students on reproductive health and HIV issues inform about the 10 DoA Campaign and encourage young people to spread the word further.  49 people, including teachers attended the session, which was hosted by two trainers.

Volunteers with the Y-PEER Uzbekistan network held a session in the Central Multifield Hospital of Namangan City (in the Namangan region). They distributed IEC materials to people and raised awareness of young people on HIV issues, spoke about the importance of the 10 DoA campaign and encouraged young people to communicate between each others on the latter topics. Volunteers interacted with 75 people.

Another education session on the topics of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and gender equality was held on July 5th in the Fergana region of Uzbekistan. The session was organized by Mehrjon NGO together with the local Y-PEER network. All 30 participants involved with the session were female. The goal of the session was to raise the awareness of local women on those topics.

In Lebanon, Y-PEERs were involved in Capacity development workshops on Gender quality and Social media, aiming to introduce the Y-PEERs to tools to use and afterwards to conduct awareness sessions in summer camps.

The awareness sessions on gender equality were addressed to 100 young Lebanese and Palestinian refugees and explained the concept and basics on gender as well as some practical tools and exercise to be used in awareness sessions and simulation sessions with trainers’ feedback.

The training on social media and development of advocacy messages for the Lets Talk campaign aimed to introduce social media and its rising importance, useful tips when working with facebook, twitterand  Youtube as well as the development of communication messages on VCT, ABC approach and social exclusion of 

Y-PEER Turkmenistan organized a seminar under the theme “Protect yourself from stress”. Participants worked as a team and had the opportunity to talk about their feelings and thoughts. They were all very active and open for new information about life skills with 
their peers.

The summer school in Bulgaria continues. The forth day in Kovachevci was probably the first big challenge for the participants as teams. They worked most of the time in groups and discussed many topics including “Sexual identity and sex roles". Young people are impatient for the following day. They are now one step closer to achieve their goal of becoming Peer Educators.
Summer School in Kovachevci

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