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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Country Highlights Volume 5

Looking for exciting news with some creative and distinctive events? 

Get ready and learn more about the amazing work done in different countries, which are participating in 10 Days of Activism Campaign.

10 Days of Activism in Kyrgyzstan
To start tracking 10DoA, Y-PEER Mexico asked young people who work in HIV / AIDS and sexual and reproductive health and rights their opinion on these issues - youth of Mexico who comment about the problems they face in their work with communities and activists, who demand the fulfillment of their rights and make proposals for the sexual and reproductive health and rights a reality.

On the other hand, it seemed important to use the resources Y-PEER Mexico has and since it committed in COJESS to follow through their work in this IYY. Given the current time to the fight against HIV / AIDS worldwide due to the recent high-level meeting on AIDS in New York City, Y-PEER took on the task to disseminate the key messages developed by the youth of the world for the HLM on AIDS-UNGASS 2011, in which Oriana Lopez, Ricardo Baruch, Pablo Torres and Miguel Corral (Mexican youth activists), had the opportunity to participate. 
Among others, these messages address the need for comprehensive sexual education to youth of the world, universal access to prevention and healthcare, recognizing the importance of achieving gender equality, the involvement of youth in decision-making spaces and more funding in areas of sexual and reproductive health. These messages were delivered to the National Center of AIDS, UNAIDS, UNFPA and, the Mexican Institute of Youth. The aim is to open a door to work together and on the other hand, reaffirm our commitment and openness to collaboration with those already working.
Looking to take advantage offered by social networking, these same videos and messages were sent via Twitter and Facebook to other relevant authorities for this fight, among others, Congress and the President's Office.

From COJESS, Y-PEER Mexico has been pushing the implementation of the National Forum on Youth as a side event in the National HIV / AIDS Congress, next to be held later in July. The intention was to create a national policy agenda on issues of HIV / AIDS and sexual and reproductive rights. Although negotiations had been very tight, a meeting was arranged with the UNFPA representative in Mexico and the responsible for Prevention and Social Participation of the National AIDS Center. Under the International Year of Youth and considering that these 10 days of activism must be seized to the fullest, it was ensured that the Youth Forum will take place! This is a great achievement because it will set the tone for priority guidelines on HIV / AIDS and sexual health and rights and reproductive health, from the perspective of young Mexicans that work on these issues!

Y-PEER Mexico had an approach with the HIV / AIDS Program of the National Commission for Human Rights responsible, who was open to support the organization of this forum, within its capabilities. Also, the rapprochement with the coordinator of the UNAIDS Theme Group-Mexico was successful, with whom it was negotiated before July 10!
Y-PEER Mexico continues the fight, making sure that the Mexican youth are heard and taken into account. “Because Mexico deserve sexual and reproductive rights and health for young men and women”.

Peer educators in Yemen were distributing reproductive health manuals to people in Aden province. This campaign was meant to raise awareness of people regarding their reproductive health.
The other campaign implemented throughout the campaign was Screen messages. It was initiated by youth and demonstrated to young people in Al Khour. The main message was as follows: “the early marriage (before 18) leads to early pregnancy before 20 years and prevent the mother from enjoying her right for education and her social rights... early, late, and repeated pregnancy is not good for woman's health”.

Another activity was peer education sessions with girls and women in AlGhaeel village, especially in the mosques. The information about family panning and HIV\AIDS was delivered during the sessions. “It was so amazing when you feel that you tell them some thing they didn’t know at all and really educate people they didn’t even know how to read or write , they needed this  information very much”, says one of the peer educators, who organized and conducted the event.

Within the 10 DoA campaign, Y-PEER Morocco conducted a workshop in a summer camp for young people, orginized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The goal of the workshop was to introduce Young people to the concepts of human rights and pride of belonging to a homeland. More tan 150 young people atended the workshop. The topics discussed included citizenship, duties and rights, leadership and self-assertion.

Workshop in Morocco about citizenship, duties and rights, leadership and self-assertion

Within the 10 DoA campaign, Y-PEER Sudan held a forum (held on a quarterly basis), and which focused on adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health. The forum was conducted at UNFPA and there were 30 participants including two UNFPA representatives and one representative of the Ministry of Health (Reproductive Health Programme).  The forum was devided into three parts. During the first part, NGO representatives and young people shared their experiences in this field of work. During the second part, a UNFPA representative gave a presentation on the programs, components and implementation barriers of ASRH, which was followed by a discussion and recommendations. 

The third part of the forum included a conversation between a representative of the Ministry of Health and the participants about the ministry’s plans for ASRH and presented information on the newly founded unit responsible  for the issues mentioned above. The MoH representative insisted that Y-PEER will be part and partner with the Unit and will be involved in the Unit’s activities.
One of the main achievements of this forum was that Y-PEER will join the meetings between the Ministry, UNFPA, WHO and UNICEF to properly improve the work in the filed of adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health.

In local radio station “Oltin Zamin” of Namangan city 1 volunteer did radio speech about the 10 DoA Campaign and HIV/AIDS issue. Listeners could learn about the 10 DoA aims, country-participants in this Campaign and about activities from the first Campaign all over the World and Uzbekistan, as well as basic information about HIV/AIDS. This radio station is available in 3 regions of Uzbekistan (Namangan, Fergana and Andijan).

In Fergana region, a session focused on young people’s reproductive health and rights, HIV prevention, popularization of healthy life-style and drug abuse issues was conducted in the youth summer camp. It aimed to raise awareness of local youth on RH, HIV/AIDS, Healthy Life-Style and Drug Abuse issues, inform about the 10 DoA Campaign and encourage young people to spread the word further. 

In Uzbekistan, discussing about young people’s reproductive health and rights

The Vice Minister and the Minister of youth affairs of Kyrgyz Republic, 7 photographers, and around 50 – 60 people attended a photo-exhibition “Youth of Kyrgyzstan through the Eyes of Modern Photographer” that was held in the building of the Youth Resource Center. The Photographers were trying to attract people’s attention to youth issues, interests and potential by showing the modern youth of Kyrgyzstan.

A joint street action (flash mob) on HIV-prevention was attended by more than 130 people, on one of the streets of Bishkek city.  Members and volunteers of “The Heritage of Republic” association participated in the flash mob. The main idea was to ask people about HIV issues and to cross the road and stop the traffic for 3 minutes in a try to attract people attention to the basic information about HIV. Hence, people received valuable information in a very creative way. Moreover, after the activity, some young people wanted to join Y-PEER Network.

16 youth organizations’ representatives participated in mini-training on “Identifying needs: sociological study”. The training contained information about “What is need? What is social problem? What is social study?”
This topic was chosen according to its actual interest from young people.  It was conducted on the base of Youth Resource Center by Ministry of Youth Affairs of KR, and experienced trainers.

“Profitable investment: how to manage your own money; Investment in Kyrgyzstan” was another training attendee by 17 representatives of youth organizations. The training was conducted by professional trainers from consulting company and it contained information about “Managing your own money; Income and expenses analysis; Investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan; How to form individual investment strategy?”

This training helped young people to make budgets and their own financial plan according to their aims. Also during the mini-training participants got a lot of useful information about 10 Days of Activism.
Preparing for the street action in Kyrgyzstan

In Ashgabat, Y-PEER Training based on peer education and theatre methods of education started. There are 25 participants - 13 girls and 12 boys. The main topics are: Y-PEER standards, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Drugs, Gender etc. In one of the training days, the team visited a summer camp and held a seminar on the above topics.

Summer school in Kovachevci is a great experience for all the participants! During the days a lot of enthusiasm, energy is shared by the young people. Through dances, plays, songs and of course laughter all participants learned a lot about various topics.

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