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Friday, July 8, 2011

Country Highlights Volume 6

Wondering what are the newest activities implemented by youth?  

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In Aden city, Y-PEER Yemen held a session in British institute. It was very amazing to have 60 students between 15-24 youths and we talked about HIV/AIDS, family planning and how to take decision skill it was amazing ! They also distributed books about Family planning, HIV/AIDS and STDs.
Another activity they conducted was a street action. Screen messages were shown by youths in Al Khour all over the days.  The messages were related to early marriage, early pregnancy as well as about education, health and social rights.
Then, they organized a theater play with the help of amazing 10 Y-PEERs form EBB province. It was also about early marriage and early pregnancy. 

Yemen 10DoA - Talking about early marriage
In Kasla State in the east of Sudan, it was social day among disabled young people. A group was trained according to Y-PEER methodology and then they hold a session about ASRH for their peers. They shared information and discussed about the positive roll in society and about prevention methods against STIs & HIV/AIDS.

Peer Education Sessions in Sudan 

In the Summer school in Kovachevci, the topic of the day of the training was “Sexual identity and Sex roles.” The trainees worked again in 11 Peer Education, one Adults and one TBE training groups. The sessions again were very energetic and interesting. The TBE group also covered some of the topics but with interesting theatre techniques. Young people enacted both female and male roles. Most of the time they worked in small groups in which they shared their views, opinions and knowledge about different topics. Videos and interviews from the training were made which were related to “Sexual Identity and Sex roles”

Later on, all trainees presented their NGO and shared their experience in a very interesting way. Songs, short plays and drawings were just part of their performances. Each group made their own signs which are going to be combined and drawn again on a flag.

Summer School continues!

In local radio station “Oltin Zamin” of Namangan city , a volunteer from the NGO “Uzbek Association on Reproductive Health” hold a  radio speech about the 10 DoA Campaign, volunteers work and activities, advantages of volunteerism, Y-PEER network and youth organizations.
This radio station is available in 3 regions of Uzbekistan (Namangan, Fergana and Andijan) so the information reached a large number of young people.

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