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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Country Highlights Volume 7

And the busy time with the 10 Days of Activism keeps rolling!

We are sharing with you various activities from different countries, so let’s start!

Quizzes for young people in Izmir, Turkey

Y-PEER Armenia had a very productive meeting with some local NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS and PLWHIV rights, the aim of the meeting was to find more ways to cooperate on HIV/AIDS related projects in the country.
As for future plans, the volunteers are planning to review the Y-PEER Armenia Newsletter and include a special column for true stories of PLWHIV. 

Y-PEER Volunteers in Turkey had a busy day, with two activities, the first one was an interactive stand in the city centre of Izmir, where they had thrown quizzes and contest for young people, also the stand was a good opportunity to distribute the brochures of the national campaign “a youth story”. 
The second activity was a video taped messages created by  young people, talking about their unmet SRHR rights and needs, to support their efforts in raising awareness about the SRHR in the society.

Interactive stand in the city centre of Izmir, Turkey

An interesting activity took place in Sudan where young people visited a juvenile’s centre in Khartoum, where a presentation was made about SRHR followed by a football match attended by both juveniles and policemen in a way to draw attention to SRHR and the needs of the young people in the centre as they [the juveniles] are part of the most at risk population in terms of SRHR and rights in general.
Y-PEER Sudan Volunteers have prepared a special song for the occasion and it worth mentioning that around 150 young people benefited from this activity.

Juveniles and policemen in Sudan

In Uzbekistan, there was another peer education session for 23 young people from Kuvasay city where they raised awareness about SRHR and HIV/AIDS.
This activity was conducted as part of Y-PEER Uzbekistan’s plan for the 10DoA.

Peer Education session In Uzbeksitan

Y-PEER Mongolia members had their time of fame when a TV show covering their 10DoA activities was aired on local TV channel [C1], the TV program combined excerpts from the events of the week of 10 DoA including meetings, interviews, discussions and the voices from marginalized/vulnerable youth and youth from different areas of UB. The program focused on youth SRH and HIV/AIDS.

Argentina Matavel, representative of UNFPA, Mongolia, gave interview about Y-PEER Mongolia, 10Days of Activism and International Year of Youth and got recording from
Y-PEER educators and young people who are high school and university students on the streets as well as at the hospitals for the TV program.
The aim of the show was to highlight the voices and needs of young people related to SRH issues and HIV/AIDS and to draw attention to the 10 DoA campaign and its events.

Y-PEER Mongolia planned 6 episodes for this TV program with UN-Youth Advisory Panel. On the last TV program, these episodes will be aired to cover more of the 10DoA activities including meetings with Decision maker as well as play based on peer education of the Y-PEER network.

Another activity from Y-PEER Mongolia as Youth, peer educators, NGOs, an adolescent SRH doctors and other organizations participated in a seminar to discuss youth and HIV/AIDS. There was a presentation conducted on HIV/AIDS from a UNFPA HIV expert where the expert helped the participants with answering some of their questions on RH and HIV/AIDS in particular. 

Also small group discussions were conducted to brainstorm what youth can do to reach out to other youth and disseminate information on HIV, and how YPEER peer educators can enhance their awareness sessions about HIV for their peers.
Finally a meeting took place between the YPEER coordinator and a decision maker - the head of adolescent and youth health. Information about YPEER, 10 DoA and youths SRH needs were discussed. The decision maker agreed to be interviewed on Sunday (the last day of 10 DoA) and to discuss adolescent SRH and the needs of youth and show support for the 10 DoA campaign.

Seminar to discuss youth and HIV/AIDS in Mongolia
Check out more photos on the right side and…

Stay tuned, young people are using their energy to coordinate and implement more activities during the weekend!

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