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Monday, July 11, 2011

Country Highlights Volume 8

Time to enjoy the 8th volume of 10 Days of Activism Campaign with the outline of the main events, which happened in different countries in the past couple of days. Enjoy your reading!

The cooperation meeting of Y-PEER Armenia with Government representative on youth issue was held in the frameworks of 10DoA. During the meeting Y-PEER members presented their initiatives and action plan. The options for Y-PEER network development and enlargement as well as cooperation with Youth services in regions of republic were considered.
The next event of the Campaign on that day was an introduction session at the Universities on Y-PEER network. The same session was conducted on the 9th and 10th of July during the Campaign. During each session with up to 20 university students Y-PEER members talked about SRHR issues and its importance for Armenia, statistical image of Armenia as well as  Y-PEER initiatives in Armenia, and the ways young people can be involved in the network.

During one of the sessions

During 10 DoA, 20 students and NGO representatives attended a 3-day non-formal HIV/AIDS and reproductive health training at US Education Center in Baku. The training focused on 3 topics – HIV/AIDS, gender equality, family planning and contraception.

During on of the sessions

14 students (3 males & 11 females - age: 19-21 years old) in Alexandria university attended 2 days PEER education workshop about peer education and peer pressure. The training had been conducted by 2 Y-PEER trainers and discussed the importance of peer education to deal with different situations.

Peer Education Session

The sixth day of the campaign was held under the Gender issues: women and men rights theme. Y-PEER volunteers have performed two theatre performances, dedicated to the men-women relations issues. The first performance, called “Alakachuu” (the word “alakachuu” originally meaning a “bride kidnapping”, here meant a Broom Kidnapping”). The second performance was called “A usual family” and was performed in Russian. These two performances were held on the main boulevard of Bishkek- Erkindik boulevard. Short discussion on the scenes with the audience of around 20 people followed the performance. The main aim of the event was to show the audience that there are relationships which are free of gender based violence and prejudice. Also it had a special message – the need of building a constructive dialogue in family relationship and in particular the need of respecting women's rights. The events highlights were posted on,, and

The fourth day of our campaign was held under the theme "Health: a healthy body, a healthy mind!" Young love couples were gining each other an oath that they will never take drugs, to lead a healthy lifestyle, practice safe sex, respect and love. The rally was held in one of the most popular youth parks in the city of Bishkek-park of "Kemal Ataturk." After the vows, the pair received commemorative certificates, pictures with the pad and got an interesting eco-friendly drinks "Maksym" from the main sponsor of the 10 days of activism, "Shoro". Participants also left their email addresses so that we send them their pictures. The purpose of this event is to remind young people of informed choice and responsible attitude to each other in order to avoid the negative consequences of promiscuity and risky behavior relations. About 40 young people got involved in the action. The whole event was covered by  NTS (local TV chanel).
An outreach work was implemented with young people aged 14-18 years, working in Dordoi and Osh markets. The third day of the campaign was held under the theme "Education." Volunteers have decided to inform young people with disadvantaged backgrounds, working in the Osh market and handed out brochures on basic hygiene, sexual maturation, reproductive health, family planning, HIV and STI prevention. And for teenagers, working in the market Dordoi outdoor training on prevention of smoking and drinking alcoholic substances was held. The purpose of the event was to inform non-organized youth, working in the markets Dordoi and Osh about basic hygiene, sexual maturation, reproductive health, HIV and STI prevention in the Kyrgyz language. About 300 young people were reached. This event was outlined at and

Outdoor activity within the 10DoA

In the end of the 8th day of the 10DoA, about 25 activities/sessions were applied to reach more than 115 participants/volunteers in a different theme for each activity.
On the Health theme: 25 volunteers visited the Juvenile centers in Damascus and met 120 youth there, in cooperation with the "Syrian Family Planning Association"..
 They discussed many topics related to juveniles, i.e. Drugs, HIV/AIDS & the Sexual harassment.
The great & interesting conversation between volunteers & juveniles last for 3 hours, they successfully created a youth-friendly atmosphere with each other, & freely shared their opinions in the deferent aspects of each topic.
Alaa AlKhachi (Focal-Point) said: "I've tested a new kind of interaction between peers, It changed a lot of perspectives I had before, and created an amazing link between us as youth and our juvenile peers, It worth it.”
On the Business Theme: Y-PEER Syria Partner "SHABAB Project", conducted 4 types of workshops that aimed to raise Business awareness. The First lady has visited one of the Business workshops
- A 6-days training on "How to create a small business project" launched in the 3rd day of the 10DoA. 12 participants attended the training that helped them reach the point of getting the ability to create their own small business projects.
-  The "Aptitude test", where about 15 young beneficiaries answered an appetite test and got the chance to be consulted on their career path according to the report.
- “Life skills” is the third theme. "Junior Chamber International" (JCI) -as a partner with Y-PEER Syria- prepared and conducted more than 10 workshops for about 80 volunteers, such as Leadership skills, Negotiation skills, Rhetorical skills & more..
Maram Habashia, one of the participants in the Negotiation skills said: "I was waiting for the 10DoA campaign impatiently, and when I attended this workshop, I felt more enthusiastic to attend the other activities, because my capacity has been hugely enhanced since attending these workshops"

The first lady have surprised the participants of one of the 10DoA sessions with a visit!


The 7th day of "We all together" training was very interesting as participants had chance to watch movie "Secret".
The movie is about successful people and positive way of thinking. Movie had stopped when needed and participants had group discussion, shared problems and experiences. Everyone liked it! :)
The day brought us a lot of positive emotions. Girls and boys left seminar with a lot of new ideas and plans.

On the 1st day of DoA new comers of Y-PEER met together to receive their certificates of successful training they have passed and share the ideas about coming days of activities. Group discussed future plans and set priorities.
A new discussion entitled "What is love?” took place in the 6th day. Group discussed positive and negative sides of love, agreed or disagreed on what make famous people think about love, shared their opinion on love's problems and barriers person can face.
The topic was very useful for young people as it helped them to know more about relationships and be able to share their thoughts and emotions of what they feel.

Certificates and Photo time!


As part of 10 DoA campaign in Namangan region, Y-PEER Uzbekistan had distributed IEC materials on HIV/AIDS to the pharmacies so to raise clients awareness on HIV issues & inform them about the 10 DoA Campaign.   Total of 200 IEC had been distributed to 10 pharmacies.
As a part of 10 DoA activities in Fergana region, 6 young people attended Peer-education session that focused on social projects development. This session built skills of participants on writing youth-related social projects, implementation and management. It was a good event to strengthen the spirit of volunteerism among participants and enhance their potential as future Y-PEER leaders.

4 Y-PEER Volunteers distributed , in “DUSTLIK” market,  IEC materials to 106 young  people simultaneously as to raise their awareness about HIV/AIDS issues and provide them with information about 10 DoA Campaign.

In celebration of World Population Day 2011, UNFPA together with Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and Y-PEER Uzbekistan organized a raising awareness event dedicated to World Population Day.
The event was held on July 8 in Tashkent Public Park and included a marathon, drawing exhibition of the local art school, and drawing contest among children from local elementary school.
The theme of celebration was “The world of 7 billion” and it aimed to Celebrate WPD and in this framework raise awareness of women’s and girl’s needs through local community leaders, organizations and media.
100 girls and women as participants and 6 Y-PEER volunteers who contributed to overall organization of this mass event, acted as coordinators and jury of the children’s drawing contest.

Y-PEER members Lola Aminova and Odina Salihbaeva participated in UNAIDS organized workshop on «Strengthening the partnership and participation of civil society including PLWH in expanding universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support» from 5-7 July, 2011.
The workshop was lead by an international facilitator from Ukraine, who brought regional expertise to the meeting & aimed to create an understanding between NGOs and initiatives groups of PLWH in comprehensive respond to HIV epidemic.
It is worth highlighting that Y-PEER is the only youth organization that has been invited to take part in the workshop.  Network brings voices and opinions of young people to the discussions.

During one of the outreach activities

Everyday of the 10 DoA campaign, there was a voice message conducted by FPC khalil  of Y-PEER Yemen  about early marriage , early pregnancy STDS including HIV/AIDS, and family planning and FGM.
 Each day has a new message. Beside the new message, the 10th day was unusual day as Y-PEER Yemen had been hosted by Mukalla radio station, In Hadhramout Mukalla city, in a live program called life calling so to talk about International Y-PEER network, it’s goals, mission, vision and activities focusing on Y-PEER Yemen.. Y-PEER Yemen talked also about reproductive health topics, & answered the young people who called the radio asking about issues related to reproductive health.
It was amazing inspiring and surprising that even the bus, taxies drivers call to ask about reproductive health and Y-PEER Yemen were invited by youth in villages to conduct trainings there.

Also, it was very amazing to have 60 students between 15-24 youths in Boston institute in Aden city, where they attended brain storming session. The session covered topics on HIV/AIDS, Family planning, and decision making.
Books about family planning, Qat chewing, HIV/AIDS, and STIs were distributed.

Y-PEER Yemen screen message “The early marriage before 18 leads to early pregnancy and prevents the mother from having her right of good education and the other social rights.. Early, late, and repeated pregnancy is not good for women’s health”, and it was shown to youth in Al Khour .

60 students between 15-24 Y.O attended brain storming session in British institute in Aden city. The session was on youth & covered topics about HIV\AIDS, family planning and decision making.
Books about Family planning, Qat chewing and HIV\AIDS and STDS were distributed in the end of the session.

Y-PEER Yemen screen message “The early marriage before 18 leads to early pregnancy and prevents the mother from having her right of good education and the other social rights.. Early, late, and repeated pregnancy is not good for women’s health” was shown to youth in Al Khour .
In order to raise young people awareness about reproductive health shortly and by attractive way.


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