Saturday, September 1, 2012


Age : 22
Country : Iraq

Organisation :
Y-PEER network in Iraq and the Association " Together To Protect Human & the Environment association "

“If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.” Mary Kay Ash once said, and this is how my story begins.

For a time not so long ago, I always had a feeling of loss of self-confidence, always hesitant to take the initiative or to tell my opinion in public on a particular issue or problem concerning youth. 

Thus, very quickly, this fear turned into courage and energy coated with a revolutionary information and life skills in general.

All of this came after getting engaged into the development field generally and the interesting work of the Peer Education Network “with Youth & from Youth” more specifically.

So I can’t deny that this led to a big change in my lifestyle as well as my behavior.I admit that this creative initiative launched by the United Nations Fund for Population helped me a lot changing my personality, trough passing a series of significant exercises and workshops, aimed for numbers of Peer Educators and trainers. And what is great there is that those topics are very interesting & meaningful to the Youth, such as life skills and reproductive health, with many highlighting issues in our communities like violence against woman, sexual harassment, addiction, AIDS or HIV... In addition to raising awareness and educate youth on dealing with emotions, specifically anger and frustration.

After having all of this, it comes my turn to be a trainer in my country Iraq.I kept working on passing the message to peers, through making many workshops about all the themes mentioned above, because I felt that I am able to pass the information learnt by heart perfectly to peers youth, and I think that the most important thing in this work is credibility that is automatically gained between youth generally. My work was always related to the manuals I got from the workshops of Peer Trainers, like “From Youth to Youth” and many others.I think that continuity in this work and in the implementation of such workshops with modern techniques are the key to success. Indeed, they have an impressive role in developing innovative ideas and in the smooth transfer of information creatively, under the banner of “From creativity to another” and certainly the ultimate goal of the participatory training is to strengthen team spirit and team work considering that every person is important, we do believe that “Our Creativity is in Our Unit”.

My wish is to involve youth in the leadership so they can have a real voice & share adults making decision as well, and this according to Human Rights Standards and legislations set by the Constitutions of the State in addition to the International Conventions and treaties of Human Rights.

We all believe that Youth are the basic stone for the construction of each community, so the way to success for Nations seeking development and progress, so they should refer to the youth and their dependence as an essential and effective way to the empowerment and development process in all countries and for all fields, and so that achieving the Millennium Goals of the United Nations program for Youth. Finally, this leads us to talk about the importance of young people because we desperately need to move to a new phase, with a first and a most important step, which is building Human before building stones!


hoping you the best Dude ...(^_*)

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