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Country Highlights - Day 8

We are happy to share with you some more interesting highlights from Day 8 from 15 countriesAlbania, Algeria, Bulgaria, China, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, Uzbekistan. 


On 8th September, the young activists from the youth center PO reached out to decision makers. They handed out the statement on young people sexual rights to two officials, authorities of education institutions in Tirana city.  A general presentation on 10DoA initiative and advocacy efforts related to young people sexual rights and the way the ACPD (Albanian Center for Population and Development) is involved was made by the young volunteers. They also stressed out the importance of youth-adult partnership since they believe in transformative power of youth in Albania and appealed to the authorities to always take into account the involvement of young people in the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes regarding youth.  The officials themselves sincerely greeted this initiative and stated the high appreciations for citizenship spirit the youth of ACPD are characterized. They declared: ‘The engagement of young people in issues that directly concern them will make the process of addressing their needs easier and much more effective’.


Y-PEER Algeria finished the realization of a comic strip in French. It talks about the necessary and basic information that everyone should know about HIV/AIDS, its transmission and prevention.
The conception is made by Said Sansal from AIDS Algérie and Y-PEER. The creation used photos of Y-PEER activists during their field work interventions to create a real image of a dialogue between PE and youth. The objective is to simplify the information is presented in a more attractive manner so that it can captivate the attention of young people and adolescents.


Our club gathered around the theatre “Vasil Drumev” in Shumen for a field work. There was a Lovebox, where people tried to put on a condom while they couldn’t see what they were doing and only the audience could see it. We made a research trough the people from 15 to 35 and we asked them if they have ever used some kind of drugs, whether they liked it or not and if they are going to do this again. And the biggest attraction was the demonstration of first aid of our Youth Emergency Team. 


Training was held in Chongqing City. And nearly 50 young people attended the training. Some sessions of the training were held by the local officials aiming at enhancing the specific knowledge and other sessions were held by young people to show how to do peer education.


We conducted a training by the idea of a former volunteer of Pravah Jaipur initiative who came over to facilitate a session around her passion, photography, and to teach us some basics about what she is doing and how does she look forward to it.
We started the café with an energizer, and sat down together for the introductions after it. We had volunteers from Delhi who introduced us to their organization ‘Helping Minds’, and shared their interest of creating a space like Café Mohalla in their organi Thesession focused upon Priyal’s journey of becoming a photographer. She shared her story as to how she was confused about her life and nothing was showing up. The story was how she went to couple of colleges in order to apply in different fields of interest and then eventually, decided on being a photographer. It sent a message to everyone around that how you really have to work towards your passion and not give up in tough times, how when everyone is against you, you have to take your stand and not bend down.
We also got to be a part of a short photography workshop, which made us get informed about the various techs and information about a digital camera, an SLR, and a DSLR. Priyal started with the basics, and in a session by her, showcasing the collection of her photographs, she pondered upon the fact that to photograph good, all you need is a simple camera. Major topics which were discussed and asked were the basic know how of a digital camera, the differences between a digital and a film camera, and some technical knowledge as to how to operate and keep care of the camera equipment. Some of our volunteers who were keenly interested and wanted to pursue photography as a career asked some technical questions as well. Then poured in some know-how as to how to use a camera and its lenses properly.

A youth serving organization, Pravah used dance tecniques to bring young people together. ‘Youth Adda’ was organized celebrating, young people’s energy and bodies -through Dance. A professional DJ facilitated a 4 hours session with world music inspiring different movements, helping connect deeply with self’s body. After the dance session, she led into the next session, 'Earthing': using short film clips, her own and those of other filmmakers. In this participants related with the rivers, soil, oceans and minerals of our planet, while exploring their connection with our own bodies. Discussion was done upon nature and her use by humankind, not as something outside of us, not as a resource, but our own extended body, one with us.


“Standing with young people refugees in their right to participate”
Young Women Day
Spending a day with Gaza Refugees Camp in Jerash City in Jordan to have educational noncompetitive sports with them as a support for those young people rights to be engaged and addressed and to show our solidarity with them as young people outside the camps. Main beneficiaries were female young people living in the camp, there was as well Y-PEER volunteers, UNRWA staff and volunteers and Generation for peace organization, our main partners for this activity
Promotional materials of Y-PEER were distributed after the event for the beneficiaries
Discussions  took place with the young women in relation to their roles in their community and their needs as young people, one young woman said “ am 23 and am married for couple of years now, but am willing to participate and be involved in mu community and am a very active person, please contact me when you have such activities “


In Shymkent, Kazakhstan young peer educator- Ablaev Aziz has lead a session on sexual reproductive health and rights for orphans.


Almost 20 young people participated in a sensitization program on HIV/AIDS issues, including transmission of HIV and its prevention, stigma and discrimination related people living with HIV and AIDS. The program was conducted among people of different age 15-30 years in an interactive way. The participants were also informed about activities of Lebanese Red Cross Station.


One of the initiatives of the “10 Days of Activism Campaign” is to mobilize young people to contact decision makers in their communities to lobby for a rights-based youth centered development agenda. As members of the largest generation ever of young people to exist, we are calling on decision makers in our community / country, to show political commitments to ensure young people’s health and rights are respected. 
We, as a –country member –, alongside the young people globally that are supporting these calls,
•        Collaborate with youth organizations among youth related  issues and policy ; and emphasize the participation on the issue
•        The ministries’ and NGO’s investment in programs that enable young people to claim their rights, including sexual and reproductive rights.
•        Enhance the standard and content of comprehensive sexual education in secondary school and increase efficiency of teacher to conduct training in new and participatory approach.
•        Collaborate with NGOs which is working with adolescent and young people and make conference in once 3 months.
•        Establish the institution of receiving women’s right conflicted application by female Parliament members.
•        Provide sexual and reproductive health information or services to young key targeted and disabled people.
•        Promote the number of organizations which keep secret, preference human right and serve youth friendly services and

We have sent a letter to decision makers who are Bat – Uul. E, the mayor of Ulaanbaatar, Udval. N, the Minister of Health, Gantumur. L, the Minister of Education and science and female 9 Parliament members.
Our next stage, tomorrow we will meet with Ms. Odontuya.S who is one of the female parliament members about youth participation in decision making and what could do for young people. 
Part of our statement: “…We as young people need to be recognized as equal participants in decision-making processes, especially when it comes to issues related to our health and well-being. Many of the youth programs, documents and policies are developed without youth involvement. We demand meaningful youth participation in decision making, emphasizing on the opportunity for us to be actively involved and contribute in planning, implementation and evaluation processes…”


To celebrate the 10 days of activism, the Moroccan organization of peer education Team (Y-peer Morocco trainers) organized 2 days training in collaboration with an association ‘SIFE’. The training will reach to 14 young people, students (members of SIFE) of in the faculty of Sciences –Rabat. The training is further expected to benefit the peer education approach program through formation of a group of peer educators who will work on projects that are related to young students. The students mostly enjoyed role plays and exercises in the training that assimilated everything about peer education and how to work with young people.


An Outreach activity was conducted at Muscat City Center in Oman which was focus on topics like differences between HIV and AIDS and about Y-PEER Oman. It was discussed how it is important for youth to be active when it comes to Youth engaging them self in changing something wrong in the area we live in. At the same time ‘Clean-Up Oman’ group joined our activity by spreading awareness on how Plastic and trashes is polluting our environment and what can be done to reduce this.


Blaze Youth Development Organization was conducted a Training on Media Tools for SRHR in Mailsi, Punjab, Pakistan on 8th September 2012 at 09 AM to 1 PM. 53 participants (38 young participant from various Organizations) have been participated in the Training. Mr. Umer Draz Khan has started the session with introduction and share the methodology of the training with an energizer. After that some media tools introduce in the session and ask to participants about usage of that. Then Mr. Khurshid Manzoor conducted the session on SRHR and aware to the participants about that. In the end Ms. Fozia Nawaz conducted the Question Answer session among the youngsters about their sexual education and media tools. The session was much informative and young participant show their interest about it. The feedback of all the participants was in the favor of sexual and reproductive health education.


The Youth Volunteers was given a session on reproductive System which they discuss the importance, parts and function of the reproductive system. They also refresh their knowledge on how to conduct session in the community, it serves as a refresher and additional knowledge for every participants. The session is held in FPOP Friendly center in Cagayan De Oro.


Local SRH Training was organaized in two different cities in Turkey

In Gaziantep and Samsun, local trainings were organized by Y-PEER Turkey & Community Volunteers Foundation about SRH and rights. This activity aimed to include young people from Gaziantep and Samsun to 10 DoA.


Two different events were conducted durinf the 8th day of the 10DoA Campaign in Uzbekistan.
The first was a Morning performance.
This activity was conducted in frame of Campaign “10 Days of Activism”. Morning performance included entertainment program for children in the form of various games, and also disclosure of creative abilities of children by means of drawing on asphalt pieces of chalk, a subject - «my school».
The second was a Info session called “Healthy youth”.
Info session was conducted for students from 8 and 9 grades. During the session students get information about 10 DoA Campaign, Y-PEER Network and basic information about HIV/AIDS. At the end of activity volunteers have distributed leaflets about STI and HIV/AIDS.


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