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Monday, September 3, 2012

Country Highlights - Day 2

While the 10 Days of Activism is happening simultaneously in different countries, we are proud to see how young people care about their future, life and rights and they are so motivated to do whatever it takes to accomplish their main goals!  During the first two days we have received so many incredible updates and pictures from different events and activities from all over the world. We're sharing them as they come, there are more to be uploaded, so check the website regularly!

We are now presenting to your attention the daily updates from 2nd September - from 19 countries: Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, Sudan, US, Uzbekistan. 


The Albanian Y-PEER members decided to be creative and went out in the nature. They showed us how to use the great weather and the amazing natural surroundings and do field work - an awareness campaign  at the hills of Lake of Tirana. 
Informative desks with leaflets, brochures, booklets, flyers, were available to young passers (14-24) not excluding older ages. 15 young volunteers of youth center “PO” and staff were involved with IEC materials presentation and distribution. Throughout the campaign message “We demand Comprehensive Sexual Education “was appropriately conveyed toward young ages. People who received information and condoms expressed to be satisfied with such initiative: “This activity fulfils our needs for information and education on SRHR – a young girl from Tirana”.


On their second they of the campaign, the 10DoA activists organized a Peer Education session for youngsters. A focus group of discussion between peers to evaluate the effectiveness of outreach activities lead previously among youth and make a small mapping on the most sensitive places in the capital to organize prevention actions among most vulnerable groups in popular cities.
Y-PEER started recording advertisement spots and videos with youth leaders, community and religious leaders to promote the zero target by 2015 as well as screening and prevention of HIV transmission from mothers to children.


It was fully youth participation & youth refreshment programme. We started our 10 Days campaigning by organizing a cricket game. It was organized In Badsha Faishal Islami Institute (Res) by  Family Planning Association of Bangladesh Jessore Branch. The vend has been attended by many young people who became involved into the initiative. After the training there were a distribution of condoms and other informative brochures and flyers.  


This was first time ever that this kind of activities were held in Bhutan and it started so enthusiastic and energetic! It began with Youth Forum on topics such as substance abuse, STD, Contraception, teenage pregnancy, gender inequality and in the evening they've organized interactive radio show, which was really successfully.
They've also came up with recomendations on youth issuses which will be forwarded to concerned youth agencies.
On 2nd September they've organized a huge event in Tashitse Higher Secondary School, Wamrong. Almost 200 students participated in a quiz competition and raising awareness campaing about issues like gender inequality, contraception, substance abuse, unhealthy relationship… High school students became really enthusiastic by this campaign and they expressed their will to become volunteers and members of Y-PEER network!


An event‘Café for young people’ with the main concept of Freedom of Expression was organized by energetic young people of Y-PEER India among 15 young people. Despite Indian Constitutional granted Freedom of Expression as our fundamental right, many youths are not aware about it. The activity was around the issue of freedom of expression, some major incidents around it and how freedom play roles in our lives to express our ideas and thoughts. The program started with a game in participants had to explain a word in front of others through sign language with an objective to show the reality when we don’t have voice to raise our concern, which was followed by discussion around different global concerns of young people. Participants shared their incidents/ experiences being restricted to express views including their personal incidents related to their family and friends. The discussion was concluded with the discussion in balancing responsibility and freedom and watching a film called “Exit through the Giftshop”.

Also, they prepared and made a survey among young people which is called “YOUR OPINION MATTERS” in ordered to study how informed are the youngsters about the national youth policy, SRHR topics, sexual and health education and HIV/AIDS.
This survey was conducted online and had the objective of tapping on the viewpoints, ideas, opinions related to various youth issues like Youth policies, their representation, their contribution along with their attitudes related to ARSH issues. This survey was also circulated through mails to generate a greater response from youth.(15-25 years).

The results have shown that only 45.5% of young people in India are aware about the National Youth Policy” though 86.4% of respondents believed that Youth power is powerful and it is important to involve them for decisions related to youth.

Regarding reproductive and sexual health, 90.9% of youth felt that they have enough information about sexual and reproductive health and 50% of them wish to receive this information from mothers but yes, all of them felt that “Sex education” should be an integral part of our education system. When asked about some of the components of “reproductive and sexual health” education, most of them have written (biological and reproductive system, personal and sexual hygiene and birth control methods, prevention of sexual diseases, healthy sexual practices, information about agencies, hotlines and NGO which help people in these situations) and believe that all this will help  young people to be  informed and aware. Whether AIDS is a disease of immoral people, 9.1% responded as “DON’TKNOW” and in India, this percentage means a lot.

The launch of online competition for Jordan young people is one of the highlight of the day! The online competition includes questions related to young people rights, MDGs , sexual and reproductive education and is addressed mainly to young people age 15 – 30 years old. The competition consists of two parts and those who have a minimum of right questions answered are getting vouchers from Virgin Mega Store. 

Also,  Dareen - Y-PEER Jordan Focal Point in Charge - participated in Donya Ya Donia air show, one of the most watched shows in Jordan at Roya TV channel. She was invited for an interview and talekd about the network mandate, the work they do on the field and the 10DoA campaign as an advocacy tool. You can watch it here:  -


The Y-PEER Activists from Kazakhstan also did a field work again in a nice environment. In different parts of the country, hey all gathered and exchanged sweets and vitamins with cigarettes with those people who were smoking in the park. After the activity, the volunteers from different NGOs including : “Dostar” Leadership center, “Intellect” NGO, “Youth development center”, “Vector” NGO, “Center for Social technologies” conducted a meeting in order to discuss further steps in prevention of HIV/AIDS among vulnerable groups and young people.


For 2nd september, the partnering organization Public Union “Youth Peer Education Network Y-PEER” organized and implemented 3 events!
The first one was a survey among more than 100 young people in order to identify main Youth SRHR concerns in Bishkek and Osh cities of Kyrgiszstan. The second event was a Forum Theatre performance which indicated the problems of unwanted pregnancy, disinformation about SRH, misunderstanding in family, of young person who have been faced with reproductive health problems, and was oppressed by the community, by the family.

Target group of forum-theatre were young people of Bishkek city: mainly unorganized and studying at universities, schools also few adults were eager to watch our play.

And the last one was a participation in radio broadcast called “Azattyl+” (national representative of international liberty of voice).  We have managed to explain the core purpose of the international youth campaign 10DoA and our national activities as well.

The hard working activists from ‘Think Positive’ conducted a discussion group with young people. The topics which have been discussed were on HIV/AID's related issues, stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. The youngsters really active in the discussion and they have asked many logical and related to the topics questions and also they gave us really positive feedback for the event.


Y-PEER Macedonia Peer Educators were active on a Beer Fest in Skopj and they managed to reach more then 3000 people. They had a booth with lots of useful information for young people, they shared condoms, promo materials, informative leaflets and talked to those who were interested to hear more about young people's sexual reproductive health and rights. 


On 2nd September, young educators from Moldova organized informative sessions for 60 youngsters on HIV and sexual and reproductive health in two villages (Pelenia and Chetrosul). Also, in Drochia district they organized a movie session followed by facilitated discussions. Yong people watched „Above the sky“ , a movie about HIV transmission and they discussed means of prevention and other issues related to HIV/AIDS. 


The Mongolian young campaigners did also a street action which they showed how to use art techniques for peer education by paining the streets manholes. 
We were painting different pictures on the 50 manholes which are located in the main street in 2 days. It is a brand new activity and the activity has never been organized like this in Mongolia. Odontuya.D and Uyanga.B, who are International advanced trainers, organized all day activity and Y-PEER committee group members, volunteers and artists have attended to organize this successful activity.

Moreover, television such as- breaking news- National Broadcasting System, Eagle TV, MN25, Shuud TV, Sansar HD entertainment TV, ETV and newspaper such as Daily News and web sites were coming to broadcast our process and promote our activity to the public.
All the organizers, volunteers, committee group members wore the jacket with logo of Y-PEER Mongolia and 10DoA. It caught everybody’s eyes to become familiar with logo of Y-PEER Mongolia and 10 DoA. During the event we introduced about objectives of 10 DoA and what is Y-PEER and what we do.

We were attracted to people because of our ongoing activity more as it was in the past. The paintings on manholes express many different meanings and we are really sure that our creative activity can be good message for not only the youth but also adults and decision makers.


In Morocco in youth Elkbab they organized A Training of Trainers for 25 young people. The second day of the training was mostly dedicated to life skills. Exercises, role plays, presentations, discussions were all improving participants knowledge and skills. 


 In Usta Muhammad-Blochistan, young activists held a dialogue session with 30 youngsters. Mr. Khalid Mir gave short introduction about campaing and network and basic information related to sexual reproductive health and rights, but most important part was when young people had a chance to share their thought, opinions, problems and actively engaged in discussion!


60 youth volunteers of working in the Humanitarian setting have their individual picture opportunity in support for the 10 DoA in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines in coordination with Y-PEER National network and Family Planning Organisation of the Philippines. Each of the volunteers made statement about the theme:“Nothing for us, without us” for the photo shoot which would be used to collected to develop a small video presentation in support for the 10 DoA. Some leaflets were also designed by young people to distribute in different schools and places to raise awareness about the 10 DoA during the campaign day.

They've organized awareness session about Youth and Social development, their focus was on youth participation starting from thinking, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation...
Younsters got a chance to express their thought on topics that affects their lives the most. These kind of sessions were organized in  Cafa Sudan’s Community Development, Babiker Badri Scientific for Women Studies, Sudan’s people living with HIV/AIDS Association , Jers Center  for Development  


Y-PEER Turkey network organized a local SRH training in İzmir as part of 10 DoA. Students from 2 universities participated this training. During the training, the trainers explained people how to be involved to 10 DoA. After this, they planned to make a movie about young people’s situation on SRH in İzmir to raise awareness on social network.

They also organized a local SRH training in Ankara as part of 10 DoA. Students from 5 universities participated this training. During the training, the trainers explained participants how to be involved to 10 DoA. After this, they planned to open a booth to inform young people in Ankara to include 10 DoA.


The youth led organisation Smart Youth is using digital media reach to promote the themes and messages of 10 Days of Activism through blogs, twitter and Facebook, to talk about sexual health issues being faced young adults in New York City. An on-line survey was created to collect the ideas of intervention through peer educators to deal with the needs of adolescents to make healthy sexual decisions. The blogs published are on the issues like; proper use for male and female condoms with its pros and cons through videos and picture. More information on

In Uzbekistan young people attended a national Training of Trainers. During the 3 days participants could get basic information about HIV/AIDS, STI, planning and organizing of info sessions, monitoring and assessment of activities and leadership. We really think that the participants were benefited much from this training and hopefully we will have them on board for future events as well.

Also, in Termez city, the young activists decided to study the level of awareness about HIV/AIDS amon the youngsters.  In order to do that, many volunteers went on the streets to do a field work, informative campaign and distribution of health materials.  The whole campaign was named “What do you understand by HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health”.  


We had a meeting called “Successful Stories” inspired by the initiative of the 10DoA, 2012. The meeting had shed the light on 7 inspirational and fruitfulyouth experiences it's also contained entertainment program in addition tospeeches from Y-PEER and the Sudanese Association for Youth Development representatives.
They shared their amazing experience on the following topics:
• Studies and Researches
• HIV/AIDS & Stigma
• Projects
• charity Initiative
• Young Writers Initiative
• Film Making
• TEDx

At the end of the meeting, Sudan Film Factory had committed to train 10 young male and female from different youth Organizations on film making to improve the documentation process for their programs.


During the first day of the 10DoA, Y-PEER Macedonia did two amazing activites. The first is called “Promote quality music and quality lifestyle” and second is called “Why SexEd and Services?”. The first event was a concert and and gathered many people, when the second activity was more informative and they shooted a short documentary movie.
Approximately, 400 young people were enjoying the concert because of the good music and the good company of YPEER advocates. We distributed around 500 condoms and promotional flayers for YPEER Macedonia 10 days of activism.
The shooting of the movie “Why SexEd and Services?” started yesterday with the statement of YPEEER ambassador Dani Dimitrovska. Furthermore, on the opening party in Menada “Take a stand” points was set up and youth expressed their opinion on the need of SexEd and youth friendly health services.
Additionally mobile vehicle for free of charge HIV testing was located near the club and young people were making voluntary, confident   and anonymous HIV testing.

Stela Murati

Name: Stela Murati

Age: 22
Country: Albania

My name is Stela Murati and I am a Youth Worker in the Youth Center “PO”. My experience in the center is shared between two kinds of responsibility; playing the role of the youth worker as well as the psychologist of the center. Being the one in direct contact with individuals who seek counseling I decided to share the story of a young girl who was assisted by our staff. I decided to share her story, - which is emotionally powerful, - in order to give you all a taste of our work, of the emotions we feel every day in the office, of the responsibility we have to have in regard to people who seek our help. This is the story of the rebirth of a young woman…

It is curious how much we expect from life and what we actually get in certain situations. It is curious how much one struggles to achieve the minimum of what society’s harsh dynamics can provide people with in the 21st century and what one truly gets. To her misfortune this young girl learned how not to trust people the hard way, she learned how being innocently kind can actually harm you rather than offer you opportunities to help people or being helped. She was not helped, she was not toughed anything…she was raped. Before she closes her eyes to sleep, she still hears the words in her head, those words she heard last before her life was ruined. She hears them again and again, and the battle to hold back her tears begins.

Just a few weeks after her 17th birthday party the young girl was talking to her friends about what had happened in the club. Her parents threw a party for her in one of the clubs of her hometown, Tirana. Her only job was to be careful in selecting the friends that would be getting an invitation, and so she did. During the fest there was a guy whom she was not familiar with, but she did not want to make a big mess for nothing, so she decided to tell nothing to her parents. He was very handsome and all her friends started telling her how much attention he was actually giving her. At the time it all felt good, comfortable even. The young girl constantly thought of the fact that he was not even invited to the party and only few people knew him, but she thought he was very handsome and she fought the other thoughts away.

A few weeks after the party the young girl had encountered the guy in the city so many times that she had started getting familiar with his facial features. He never spoke to her, but he would always smile when she was around. He looked polite, - well, from what she could tell from his attitude with people around him, - and she still thought he was very handsome. It was summer time and everybody would be out in the city close to midnight, and sometimes she would go out for a drink with her friends or they would just have long walk in the boulevard of the city. One evening the mysteriously handsome guy drove by the feet of the girl and saluted all her friends. He drove a fancy car, but when she looked up close she could see that his face was way much older than the impression he had given her with a great distance in between them. He looked older, he looked less handsome. He invited her in for a ride and she said no, obviously. But her friends were being pushy and they insisted that one ride would not actually kill her. So she ended up in the passenger’s seat of his car, listening to music and speaking only a few words. In the beginning he was being polite, his voice was calm and sweet, and he smelled good. But there was something about him that made her wish she had never entered that car. Her intuition was correct, for he started speeding up along the street and he started acting more passionately that usually. The young girl told him to turn around and take her back to her friends in the city, but he ignored her and drove towards the rural areas of the city in full speed. At one point the girl was terrified, but she knew she had to keep calm and control herself. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could control… Her assaulter left the car and tackled her out into the streets of a vacant neighborhood. He dragged her off the car and into the street. She fought hard against him, kicking and punching to her fullest potential, but his physique was way too much for her to handle. He laughed at her efforts and taunted her by saying, “You must have taken self-defense. It won’t do you any good.”
During the struggle, his hands pulled and punched at the girl’s face, tearing her lips and mouth. Eventually, he subdued her and zipped her hands tied in her back. He made them so tight that they cut into her wrists causing permanent nerve damage. Then he raped her. Once done, he took his car and drove off leaving the girl crouched and in pain on the street.

The young girl has not been the same after that day; she hardly believes that she will go back to feeling the security and happiness that she used to feel before that day. Only those closest to her know that the smile on her face each day is part of her makeup. Apply lipstick. Smile. It’s hard work to pretend to be happy but people really don’t want to be burdened with her sorrow. As a result, she has never really grieved for the loss of innocence, security, trust and independence. Grieving is weak and she is afraid to be weak.

After she was raped she could not go home, she didn’t want to. She didn’t have her mobile phone with her and she could not call the police. Her senses were troubled and she could not think clearly, so she followed her intuition and did what came into her mind first. The girl had heard about a youth center in her hometown that took care of cases like hers and which provided help. Slowly, she walked towards the center and knocked with the minimal strength that was left in her. It was evening and as a bit of luck had remained in her, someone answered the door. At the facial expression of the doctor that helped her in, the young girl burst into tears. She did not cry the whole way to the center but she cried her heart out once inside. She felt like she did not deserve all the warmth and affection the staff was giving her, she felt like it was all her fault and she felt like she wanted to die. The doctors took care of her damaged face, but she wears scars even today around her cheekbone and in her upper lip. Everybody took good care of her and the medical staff helped her contact her parents as well as denounce the case to the police officers. The doctors offered her medical help and counseling, which she attended for a few months.

The last two or three weeks after the assault were so surreal to the young girl that it was hard to even call it a normal life - if there should be such a thing, that is. The events that occurred made it feel as if her life was sitting on a carousel that was spinning out of control, and everything not secured tightly just came right off, and the spinner had a tremendous power...Her friends could not believe what had happened, she did not want to recall the whole story, and after that nigh all was blank…her soul, her heart, her mind. Therapy and counseling in the Youth Center “PO” in Tirana was the only thing that kept her going. In every counseling session I would try to tell her things like “You should live your life like every day is your first day! You should do what feels right to you and trust in your intuition! Take a minute and breathe! Take some time to look around and see the beauty in things! I know it is hard, especially when you have bad thoughts….but the more you do it the easier it will get!” Those words helped her reminisce and learn how to actually teach things to herself. Before she goes to sleep, - though sleeping is still impossible for her, - she spells out to herself words like “Do not do things you do not want to do! Do not let anybody make you feel bad because you said NO – no matter about what! You are an individual who has the right to make her own decisions! And if you said NO- NO it is! Do not let anybody believe that is wrong! You have to live for yourself and have to live with yourself first! You are a beautiful person, inside and out! Do not ever believe anything else!"

Now she has hope, hope for a better future. And she has strength, a strength that keeps her going every day, a strength that makes her capable of telling her story to other young people in the great hope that they will learn something out of it. Hopefully as much as she learned from the staff of the Youth Center “PO”, the people who according to the young girl have blessed her with a second life, a life she now know how to live.

Turkey Celebrities are supporting the 10DoA Campaign

Y-PEER members in Turkey reached out to celebrities in their country and involved them in the activities of the 10DoA. 

As they are recognized by young people as role models, their participation is encouraging young people to actively participate and promote the campaign, to highlight their needs and demands regarding 
  • Meaningful Youth Participation
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Youth Friendly Health Services

Below you can check the trailer video with 

Kendi - Young Turkish Singer
Uğur Arslan - Famous Turkish Speaker
Hande Ataizi - Famous Turkish Actress 
Bay J - Famous Turkish DJ and Showman
Erol Evgin - Famous Turkish Singer and Actor
Pelin Öztekin - Turkish Actress

Keep on following this post, each day we are publishing a short video with each of them! 


Uğur Arslan

Hande Ataizi

Bay J

Erol Evgin

Pelin Öztekin 

Ugyen Dema

Name : Ugyen Dema

Age : 17

Country : Bhutan

So, just exactly who am I? Obvious answer to this question is that I am Ugyen Dema, a fresher. But this does not define who I am in person, the answer to that cannot be found in a person’s birth certificate, his/her religion or diploma, but it is found in a person’s heart and soul.

I am like any other typical teenager, who loves technology and fun. I was born and brought up in Thimphu. I grew up in a normal sized house with a mother, father and my two rivals for their love. I am also a hard worker who could also win medals for my amazing ability at procrastination. I love deeply and honestly and I hate jealously, although I have been jealous a time or two.

I am interested in anything that is interesting. I can deeply and ridiculously fall in love with books and music. I am not exactly a writer but I often enjoy it. As such I don’t have a specific ambition. I have learned that setting life goals are easy but to accomplish them is very hard, to me the life leads you to the path where a fate takes you, where you want to be. My goals in life were to become successful but now they are different, my thinking is different. I want to become a daughter, where my parents can proudly say, “She is our daughter.”

Like others I can never keep my mind set on what I want to be and I can never tell when I will be interested in something. But that is what makes life an interesting hodgepodge of many facts, experiences, activities and lessons.

I have had many problems in my life but with these problems came a reason for me to be happy. I blamed others for my problem and felt a part of me was missing. However, I realize now that the person I am is complete and has been shaped by other people in my life who have treated me better than I could have ever deserved.

Like every other teenager I had harder times. I value my intellect and personality. I value my faults. My only hope is for opportunity.

Ravshan Atamirzaev

Name : Ravshan Atamirzaev
Age : 24
Country : Uzbekistan

I was born in a small city named Namangan. I grew and studied there. When I was 19 years old during my study in the University, thanks to my classmate Safar Isaev, I became a volunteer in the NGO «Uzbek Association of Reproductive Health».
After the first Y-PEER national training I have changed. I have changed from inside, understood that there are many things which I should learn, use and share. I actively started conducting various events for prevention of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, STI and healthy life style promotion. Have worked with different target groups - from school children 2-4 and 8-9 grades, lyceum students, colleges and universities, sportsmen from various sport groups, migrant workers, advisors of makhallya (local community), as well as with staff of medical institutions in different directions and levels. Organized seminars, trainings, crosses, promotions, competitions, outreach work, conversations and meetings at various levels. Have searched for sponsors (fundraising) to support volunteer activities, developed new projects, as well as took part in various projects.
My activity is generally directed on achievement of the following MDG goals:
It is also directed on achievement of the important goals in the field of population and development listed in the action Program of ICPD 94.
The volunteering work inspires me because when I work with youth and others, first of all, I get experience from them, because every person is unique. Their experience carries some original information. The second is that I get peculiar positive energy. This energy moves me forward. And of course the third is that when I know information about problems which surrounds us I cannot stay aside. Sharing this information and ways and methods of solving, protection, prevention or usage, I become unworried and confident, because most of problems become from lack or insufficient information. These are most of reasons inspiring me but it is not just three…
At present time I live and work in Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan) and I’m Y-PEER national trainer, conducting national trainings, supporting young volunteers and teaching them to work as trainer-volunteer. Because of volunteering I have many friends from all over the world, reached many positive results and found myself in my life.
I’m one of the young active people in my community and there are many young active people who work in different fields. On behalf of young active people of Uzbekistan I can say that we do this because we are not indifferent for problems which surround us.
I always say to young people: “Dont’ stay aside, all in your hads. Time to act make youself known!”. Because I have started from volunteering and small activities. Don’t be ashamed of being volunteer or active young people. Because all in our hands.. problems.. solution.. future..
To adults and decision makers: “Don’t make a decision for us. Do it with us!”. Because we, young people, have our own ideas, thinking, experience, interests and problems. Remember if you do not involve us for solving problems concerning us, you cannot do anything!

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Amplify is hosting daily blog posts from young activists, as one of the initiatives happening during the 10 Days of Activism 2012!

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