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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alexey Dzhura

Name: Alexey Dzhura

My name’s Alexey Dzhura from Russia and I worked for NGO “Siberian Initiative” (Barnaul, Russia) for 3 years. During that time I had an experience as a volunteer and as a staff in a position of Youth programs director for one and half years which provided me with experience in working with youth. It included development, organization and conducting of different events on HIV/AIDS prevention among youth. As a Youth programs director I coordinated work of the group of young volunteers. I personally took part in development of preventive programs and conducting trainings and seminars. Also I participated in organization of the all-russian annual event “Summer school for volunteers”. I pay special attention to the work with vulnerable groups. Now I’m working for NGO “Youth theatre “Light” (Samara, Russia) as a director. Now the most important focus of my interests is evolving of theatre technologies and socialization of young people. What am I inspired by?..I’m inspired by sports and spirit of youth. My favourite quote is: “Do not judge a tree by its fruit, and a man by his affairs; it may be the better or worse”. I’m confident that my responsible attitude can change many things in this world and I think that if everybody would do the same the world would become much better.
My opinion is that we should be smart and intelligent to figure out which ways for deciding our problems are more relevant than other ways. We should be creative and courageous to be efficient. Young people have huge potential but we need to learn some new approaches and technologies.

Country highlights from half way - Day 5

5th of September - that's half way! Young people in different countries were busy with numerous activities and  also found the time to share updates and photos - enjoy reading them and stay tuned for more :) 

Blaze Youth Development Organization from Pakistan has been conducted an awareness rising campaign in District Kot Addu Punjab Pakistan. The basic purpose of the campaign was to raise the awareness of young people about sexual reproductive health and rights topics. The young activists went from door to door in the rural area of the District and discussed with their peers about the campaign.

Mr. Asad Bukhari conducted a question-answer session among the almost 50 young people about their sexual health. Mostly youngsters answered that they have very limited information so they were provide detailed information. The feedback received was satisfactory and they requested more awareness raising sessions to be held in their community because they are very useful and very needed.

For the 5th of September, the main activity was leaded by Y-PEER Focal Point Dina Amirova and young activist Aziz Ablayev. They went and hold informative peer education sessions with several groups of students from South Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Academy. The topics they approached included time management, improving self-management skills, multi-tasking and other useful skills as well as advocacy and how young people can advocate for their rights.

"Kteib w Ness" Club established one great discussion group! They used a new approach and started the group discussion after showing several videos that touched delicate topics such as sexual abuse and sexual violence. The facilitated discussion that followed involved the audience and many participants openly shared their views and opinions, although the topics are often considered taboo in the community. Almost 40 young people as well as their parents actively participated in the debate. 

The first National Theatre Based Techniques for Peer Education Training took place from 04 - 07 September 2012. The training was organized  in collaboration with Red Cross Mongolia. The young activists were involved in translating the existing Y-PEER manual into their own language and used it as a main toolkit.

Participants include 16 young people from different countryside and 9 from Y-PEER committee group and member organizations in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

The participants are acquiring basic knowledge including theatre – based peer education methods related to prevention of HIV&AIDS and SRHR topics. Trainers’ team has invited Ms. Zolzaya, Coordinator of ‘Young women for change’ as the facilitator for the human rights, sex & gender and sexual orientation sessions. Also, Mr. Tuvshinbayar, the Executive Director of Royal HD television and the professor of University of Art and Movie was invited as a facilitator for the sessions about artistry, character creation and stagecraft. Also, Odontuya, the Y-PEER Focal Pont in Charge and National Coordinator and Uyanga, the advanced facilitator have facilitated several sessions.

Because no similar training has been conducted before in Mongolia, all participants are very excited about it as they are acquiring new information and new methods they can further use in their work.
As this is a new thing, the training attracted the attention of Royal HD TV, Olloo TV, PPTV, Sansar Hd TV who showed their interest, came to the workshop and broadcasted the workshop process.

On 5th of September, Yacine, peer educator of Y-PEER Algeria presented two wonderful pieces of poetry.

In the first one, he talked about stigma and discrimination that young people living with HIV suffer from. He advocated for a mobilization of the community to treat PLHIV just like anyone else because we are all same and HIV can no longer be a reason to put innocent people apart.
In the second one, he spoke about youth voices and meaningful participation, empowerment and leadership of young people.
You can find both poetries on these links:

Also, 10DoA Campaign in Algeria got good media coverage! Horizons Newspaper published an article talking about the campaign and its targets.

For the 10 DoA Campaign, Y-PEER Azerbaijan in cooperation with FLEX Alumni Grants Program of American Councils, “Hilton Baku” Hotel and Himalaya Herbals Natural Cosmetic Company organized a 5-day Theatre – based Training on Peer Education, HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health and Rights.

The training aimed to build the capacity of 20 local young people to plan and deliver high quality theatre-based trainings in the field of Peer Education, HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health and Rights. 
The course finalized with a theatre performance, prepared by participants.

Among the theatre performance attendees were high level representatives of US Embassy in Azerbaijan and representatives of various NGOs and youth groups. The event was finalized by certificates awarding ceremony.
Now equipped with new skills and inspiration young people are ready to put the gained knowledge in practice!

Y-PEER Local Samsun Team organized a meeting with Deputy Mayor of Samsun -Şeref Aydın to explain 10 DoA and its messages. They had a productive talk and Mr Şeref Aydın promised that he will followup the process of meaningful youth participation. 
Ankara Local Y-PEER team opened a booth to give information to young people about SRH, youth-friendly health services and SRH education in schools in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara in Kuğulu Park where is one of the most crowded parks of the city. Thru this out-reach activity, their target group was over 1500 young people.

Young people keep on sharing updates from different days of the 10 Days of Activism Campaign - check them out! 
A policy level advocacy activity was initiated by active volunteers and peer educators of Y-PEER Kazakhstan met the president of the Civic Alliance in Kazakhstan in city of Shymkent. They discussed the possible ways of involving more youth to the decision making level. Klara Tulendieva, the president has been working in Civic Alliance for more than 10 years. She shared her experience and gave some advice on how to strengthen the network and bring more youth to work, build more youth led NGOs. Altogether 15 young people were mobilize to organize and participate in the meeting.

With the support of the Local Government of Barangay Mintal, Davao City thru Kagawad Fe Bargamento and in cooperation of the office of Councilor Bernie Al-ag, Chairman on Committee on Health and Sanitation, Davao City Council and with the assistance of JR GAD in technical support, we were able to motivate, inform and reach out young people both schooled and out-of-school of the said Barangay on issues concerning their health. JR GAD Program Manager, Carulus Rai Lantion conducted the STI, HIV/AIDS Orientation and verified Sex and Gender within the scope of knowledge of the participants. January Cutin led the open forum for some issues reserved from participants' mind. He utilized the social networking podium to be the center of young people's expression of thoughts like twitter and facebook. The said training was held at Session Hall, Barangay Hall of Mintal, Davao City Philippines.
As a result, the Supreme Student Government of Mintal Comprehensive Highschool pledged to initiate re-echo and public symposium on their campus to deliver services to the studentry. The pledge was supported by their Adviser.

We have organized a local 2 days training in Shumen Town with the volunteers of club “Rebels” Varna and Bulgarian Red Cross Youth Shumen. The topic were“Project managing and development” and “Interactive methods for being a good Peer Educator” and “Why am I a Peer Educator“ . This training’s main purpose was to challenge the young volunteers to start making bigger projects, which can help in their own and their club’s development. It was combined with very useful exercises, which gave the volunteers a clear idea of how they can make a successful project. The main point of the second topic was to make the volunteers realize why they have chosen to be Peer Educators and what do they want to succeed in this area in the foreseeable future. The facilitators were representative of Y-PEER Bulgaria; Adrian Yordanov (FPC), Stefan Bogdanov (FP), Preslava Ivanova (Youth Coordinator), Paulina Kaloyaniva (PE).

An Info session was held in Uzbekistan, called: “Healthy Youth”. It was conducted for students from 8 and 9 grades. During the session students get information about 10 DoA Campaign, Y-PEER Network and basic information about HIV/AIDS. At the end of activity volunteers have distributed leaflets about STI and HIV/AIDS.

Peer education workshop was organized at Buraimi in Oman in which 30 young and adult people between the age of 14-32 participated. As an outcome, a group of young people was also formed in this north part of the country. It is a challenge to speak about sexual and reproductive health in this kind of conservative society but the young people worked successfully to reduce this barrier.

In the capital of Moldova and Drochia district, street activities were organized benifiting around 20 young people by distributing local newsletter of Y-PEER national network and brochures and flyers about Y-PEER and SRHR. People were interacted about young people’s issues  and problems and answers to queries were also resolved during the activity. Always open and able to answer, we have talked to a lot of young people that want to know more about Y-PEER or to become a part of it.
The ongoing Training of Trainers on Peer education in Morocco successfully concluded itsfifth day. The activities included the brainstorming technique, Role Playing, and the case study. The main goal was to give young animators analytical skills and techniques and facilitation skills.

A review meeting on beyond ICPD+20 was organized in Sudan. The meeting was attended by young peer educators affiliated to Y-PEER Sudan’s partners.The meeting shed light on the ICPD + 20 agenda and how the Sudan government is taking action about the ICPD. UNFPA CO supported by providing logistic support for the meeting in which 20 people participated. The discussion included the strategicaction  plan for youth and how the youth know about their available right. Participants shared their opinion on creating partnership between researchers and statistical youth.

Lena Marciniak

Name:Lena Marciniak

One day I heard from a colleague that her younger sister is using vinegar after unprotected sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy,  which totally surprised me. I told myself enough of just being an evident of the malpractices and misconceptions and i should be starting to work against it.  This is how my story, started becoming a volunteer in polish group of Sexual educators ‘Ponton’ 

I started visiting schools and conducted conduct classes in sex education, answering on the online forum and summer hot lines. Every day when I'm answering for questions from young people, I used to realized the importance of sexuality educations. Many young people are even unaware about basic matters like puberty, contraception, sexually transmitted infections. I strongly believe that young people have a right to have access to comprehensive sexuality education and we have to do something to make life better in this area.

I am now a teacher and study pshychology in Poland who likes grass-root actions because it make me I feel that I'm really close to people and being able to share my knowledge. Each year on of the Valentine day we organize a street action in a downtown od Warsaw. The main theme of the action is „Infect with love – not HIV”. During this action, we distribute condoms, leaflets and collect advocacy messages to be given to Minister of Education in specially designed Valentine Day postcards. This year the Ponton-  Group of Sex Educators sent a package to the Polish Ministry of Education, containing several dozen Valentine's Day cards with messages of Polish youths concerning sexuality education, two previous reports and a letter asking for the minister's reply and meeteing. We're trying to draw attention of the Ministry of Education and another decision makers that the level of sexuality education in Poland is very low. After each street action, I believe that something will change for the better. I am very glad that I can take part in 10 days of activism campaign, maybe I will inspire someone and more people begin to act and try to change the world. Nothing for us without us!   

Zhiyad Ahmed Khan

Name: Zhiyad Ahmed Khan
Country: Fiji 

Telling a tale of someone from the Pacific is quite different. We are not born with freedom to say or do whatever we like. Our words and actions are guided by elders in our society; it’s been going on for centuries. We do not speak out against our elders because that is a sign of disrespect and when we do there are consequences. I always speak out because I believe I have a voice. I did not care whether I was heard or not, but I knew if I kept trying, one day I will. Soon my words started raising eyebrows, I knew I was being heard.  And since then I have been teaching others to do the same.
My name is Zhiyad Khan and I have been a student leader, editor, writer, producerand community worker so far in my past.  The Pacific is a unique and diverse region, we occupy one third of the world’s surface but we are the smallest region when it comes to population. The occurrence of HIV AIDS presents a huge challenge, the virus can spread rapidly and we might not have the resources to counter it if it does. I am a trained Peer Educator at USP and one of the first Y-PEER trainers in the Fiji. Through our University’s Peer Support Network, we educate young people about their behaviour and choices. As a group leader for student peer educators I am involved in training new peer educators and I help implement outreach campaigns on and off campus.
I have been a Resident Assistant for two years now and our primary role is to take care of the general welfare of the student residents and attend to their special needs. As a Resident Assistant, we provide opportunities for young people to broaden their knowledge and understanding of Pacific communities and the issues that are threatening the fabric of our societies.  These students come from families and societies in the Pacific where sexual issues are not discussed openly and freely therefore are more vulnerable to the pandemic. Over the course of the two years I have organised various outreach activities on SRH, relationship seminars, one-on-one discussion about sexual behaviour and practices and so on. 
I have also been the Editor-in-Chief for my University’s newspaper, Wansolwara which targets youths and discuss and report on issues that affect them. The newspaper has over the years ran inspirational stories and advocated for issues related to HIV/ AIDS and sexual health, gender and sexuality. Recently we ran an extensive coverage on homophobia debunking society’s myths and provided an almost different perspective to that of the mainstream media.
For me personally, I think meaningful youth participation in this day and age can be effectively achieved through social media. Facebook has become a global phenomenon and today some 168,000 Fijians use Facebook with majority of these being youths aged 18-24. Often times I have seen youths whole-heartedly express their feelings and voice their opinions online, knowing that they will actually be heard, if not by adults, certainly by their peers. We need to capitalize on this and fully utilize this to disseminate information, change behaviors, attitudes, and stereotypes on HIV AIDs.
Like the Pacific islands, youths are very diverse and unique but unfortunately quite a large number of our youths are facing with the everyday challenge of deciding what is right and wrong. The choices they make may not be the wisest but there a lot of things that influence these decisions. The only way to effect change is to never stop trying. We need to work harder to break the culture of silence that exist in our societies and look for innovative ways to empower and motivate youths to make right, responsible decisions.
 I have always had a passion for reaching out and that is why I chose to study journalism because I wanted to make a difference and I believe the media is the most powerful tool in educating, informing and inspiring people to reach their full potential. In the Pacific we are constantly trying to cling to a more stable life, a one in which there is cooperation, sharing, solidarity and reverence for life. There is no denying the fact that stigma still exists at all levels of our society and there is an even greater information gap. But what seems like an impossible dream could very well be within our reach.
For me, doing what I do, standing up for a cause and making a difference has been the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life. This goes back to having a voice, a voice of reassurance and hope, that of love and unity.  This is what 21st century Fiji needs and this is what I intend to be part of; out of satisfaction, my love for my country and service to her people. After all, there is “Nothing for us, without us”.  

Country Highligts - Day 4

We hope you are enjoying reading interesting highlights from different countries and waiting for another portion of 10 DoA activities. Curious?  Let us share some country highlights from Day 4 of the campaign.


Did you know that HIV prevention could be done through art? We say “yes” and we are serious. Y-PEER Algeria presented an amazing painting made by Elissa, peer educators from NGO AIDS Algeria. The main idea of this artistic creation was to illustrate HIV transmission ways (sexual and from mother to child); to show how simple can the transmission be eradicated. The art is one of the edutainment approaches that Y-PEERs around the world use in their activities.
This day went with important planning meeting with UNFPA country office representatives. Y-PEER representatives could discuss upcoming activities for peer educators, importance of strengthening partnership and empowering youth as well as trainings, outreach activities and leadership programs for youth.
Another very important activity was organized with Cultural Radio of Algiers. Young activists could tell more about 10 DoA activities and give information about campaign results.
On the 4th Day of 10 DoA Albanian Center for Population and Development organized an awareness campaign among Roma community in Tirana. During the activity leaflets, “adolescent” newspapers, condoms and other handouts were distributed to Roma young representatives. The organizers provided 20 participants with specific information on easy and clear language. They could record interviews with 4 volunteers on “Comprehensive sexuality education” addressing to decision makers. Participants empathized the importance of activity and share with their positive feelings in being part of 10 DoA campaign and contributing to advocacy initiative.
Another awareness raising activity took place in the center of Vlora city at the Riviera Trade Center which is very much frequented by youth. The main beneficiaries of this event were young people age 15-24 of Vlora city. This event was organized by 6 volunteers of Aulona Center. As a result:
-          576 condoms are distributed to around 340 young people.
-          about 680 informational materials distributed (The Adolescent newsletter, the leaflets about different contraceptive methods, about Pap smear test, HIV/AIDS prevention, important QA for boys etc.)
-          young people reached are informed about the youth friendly services and products offered by Aulona Center
Informal discussions are held with groups of young people about the importance of a comprehensive Sexual Education and breaking of taboos about sexuality.


The members of Y-PEER Bulgaria decided to do something traditional e.g. a summer field work at a city based near the sea side. Their campaign aimed to prevent and inform their main target group, people aged between 16-40 years old, on different topics: HIV/AIDS, STIs, how to protect yourself and your partner as well and as a overall result to increase the health culture.
They were very well accepted by the people. What is more some of them were so impressed by the volunteers that they wanted to find out how they can join Y-PEER Bulgaria.
As a following of radio program aired on Aug 28 where Y-PEER Jordan shared information on Y-PEER activities, coming 10 DoA global initiative, partnership and support from UNFPA. Moreover what are the needs of Jordanian young people and why Y-PEER activities are important for them. It raised a lot demand among radio listeners and as a result 3 Y-PEERians had another radio interview via phone call. It would be aired soon!


A peer training on SRHR issues is one of the main activities of 10 DoA as young people gain knowledge and skills and after share information with their peers. Such training was organized by China Youth Network in Chongqing City of China, 1000 km far away from Beijing. The trainers were young peer educators who already received trainings and become experienced. 50 young people increased their capacity and become familiar with SRHR issues. As a result of the training, young people had meetings with decision makers, government officials and could discuss youth participation issues and meaningful support from their sides.


On the 4th day of the campaign “life skills” activities among students of the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose College in Sambalpur were organized by Patang. This interesting activity could gather 80 students of the college. Young people actively participated in the sessions where they also had a chance to discuss issues related to decision making, perception and learning process.
SRHR issues through art – this activity was started today in the center of “Shajar w Bashar” association in Saida, south Lebanon. The organization “Think positive” till Sep 9th will involve more young people to create various art drawings on SRHR.  10 young people were invited today.  It is expected that these drawings will reach not only Lebanon audience but also international audience.


Do you know how to develop a good action plan with concrete indicators? In order to meaningfully participate in decision making process, planning, implementation and evaluation, young people need to know how to do it. That was the main aim of young people in Morocco in the 4th day of the campaign. 25 young people from Elkbab increased their knowledge and skills in development of action plan. Despite the difficultness of the topic, trainers could give it simple and understandable way using presentations, team works and other interactive approaches. Interesting, what are the next topics of the training?

Y-PEER Mongolia started the first four-day training on “Theatre - based peer education techniques’ with participation of 16 young people from Y-PEER committee group and member organizations in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The manual on TBPE was translated into Mongolian and was used as a main toolkit in the training. The training was organized in conference hall of Red Cross Mongolia. Training was facilitated by Ms. Zolzaya, the coordinator of ‘Young women for change’ and Mr. Tuvshinbayar, the executive director of Royal HD television and the professor of university of art and movie. Their sessions were on human right, sex and gender, sexual orientation, artistry, character creation and stagecraft.  Y-PEER peer educators (Odontuya and Uyanga) facilitated sessions related to SRHR and HIV/AIDS. The participants felt self-confidence and emotionally matured as this kind of activity had never conducted in Mongolia, so every part of workshop was very new to them. Media also was interested in the activity and information on the training was disseminated via TV channels like HD TV, Olloo TV, PPTV, Sansar Hd TV. 


Another SRHR session was conducted on September 4th by Blaze Youth Development Organization in Burewala, Punjab with participation of 53 young people. Ms. Ayesha Bibi has started the session with introduction and share the main message and goal of the 10 Days of activism campaign with all participants.. Then Mr. Umer Draz Khan conducted the session on SRHR and aware to the participants about the impertinence SRHR. In the end Ms. Fozia Nawaz conducted the Question Answer session among the youngsters about their sexual education and health. The session was much informative and young participant show their interest about it. The feedback of all the participants was in the favor of sexual and reproductive health education.


The first day of the Community health team training went very intensively. The training was one of the strategies to strengthen the capacity of 25 health providers in the community and answer the demand for services where they will be able to provide health care services and awareness among women, men and youth. This event is being held in N Hotel Kauswagan Cagayan De Oro. Midwifes, barangay health workers, traditional birth attendant and youth leaders in barangay of CDO were invited for the training.
On 4th Day of the campaign Y-PEER in Sudan invited 55 young people to hear about 7 inspirational stories of young people in the event called “30 under 30”. This activity was organized in Khartoum Sudan jointly with Sudanese Association for Youth Development. The stories were on:
-          Studies and research
-          HIV/AIDS and stigma
-          Projects
-          Charity initiative
-          Young writers initiative
-          Film making
-          TEDx Sudan
At the end of the meeting Sudan Film Factory has committeed to train 10 young people from different youth organizations on film making in order to improve the documentation process of their programs.
In Turkey Y-PEER could reach 1580 young people via Booth placed in one of the most crowded parks in Ankara, Kuğulu Park. The Booth aimed at giving information to young people about SRH, youth-friendly health services and SRH education in schools. This Booth will be opened for two more days and hopefully more young people will be involved and increase their knowledge on SRHR issues.
An organization “Mehrjon” organized an info session “Healthy youth” among 50 school students of 8 and 9 grades of schools #17 in Kuvasay city. During the session students get information about 10 DoA Campaign, Y-PEER Network and basic information about HIV/AIDS. At the end of activity volunteers have distributed leaflets about STI and HIV/AIDS.
Another performance activity was conducted special school #33 in Tashkent city. Morning performance included entertainment program for children in the form of various games, and also disclosure of creative abilities of children by means of drawing on asphalt on the subject - «my school». This creative activity involved 56 young people.

We wish to keep this spirit of activeness and let the voice of young people be heard around the world: Nothing for us without us!

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