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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cuntry Highlights - Day 7

 On the 7th day of the campaign, some highlights of the activities being conducted in different countries: Algeria, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Somalia, USA, Uzbekistan. 


The 7th day of the campaign was interesting in Algeria. Y-PEER presented a song to peers in different departments in our country dedicated to the 10 DoA and Zero target of UNAIDS. The song was created by young peer educators: Badis who wrote the lyrics and was a main singer and Omar who was responsible for music composition, recording and arrangement. Main objective was to promote youth leadership in what concerns them and also to strengthen youth engagement to reach the Zero target in the fight against AIDS. Enjoy the song and spread the 10 DoA messages around the world


An activity was organised with national celebrity and role model – Gani, conducted in Kazakhstan for volunteers of NGO “Dostar”. Gani started his volunteering in 2008 and was one of the active promoters of Y-PEER. He is still very passionate about Y-PEER activities and transforms this into his songs. He had a very interesting talk with young people and discuss about importance of volunteer work. He also shared what he did as a volunteer. We are proud to have such members and always glad to see how Y-PEER impact young people lives.


In Kyrgyzstan Y-PEERians continue to conduct survey among youth on SRHR issues. This day the survey was conducted among university students, school and college students in Osh and Bishkek cities. The other most important target groups of this day were street children and working adolescents in Bishkek and young families from Osh. Y-PEERs are working in groups and managing to reach large number of young people in different parts of two main cities. Approximately 300 young people were covered by 7th day of the campaign. We are hoping that survey will be good advocacy tool in future SRHR programming in the country.


Marking the 10DoA campaign with its theme outreach campaign continued in north-Sinai beach in Egypt reaching people whose were on the beach providing them information about reproductive health and youth issues and today distributed approximately 1000 ICT materials in total. Another activity led by young people in Egypt is peer education sessions in Ismailia governorate for adolescence in youth centers about HIV/AIDS and stigma. It has been expected to reach 200 male 50 female through the outreach and 40 adolescents through the peer education sessions. 


The last day training on “National theatre based techniques for peer education” was one of the interesting days. 25 young people developed different scenarios and worked out key messages for plays. Within the second part of the training participants had time to practice and prepare small theatre performances. It was nice to see the product of the training and all four groups presented their performances. At the end participants – peer educators were awarded with certificates. We understood that through theatre we can reach more young people and from different groups and talk with them SRHR issues. Sometimes it’s better to show one time rather than explain several. We will actively promote this approach within the country and involve more people.


Y-PEER Oman with partners organized a Cleanup activity in one of the beaches of Muscat. It was different experience sharing but we learnt that such activities help to promote better environment; that fishing threads and plastic are dangerous and it’s important to reduce the damage when it comes to have a clean beach for our own sake and for creatures living in the sea.


Blaze Youth Development Organization conducted a theatre performance on “Learn without fear at Bhara Kohu (slums area) for 45 school and college students. Mr. Faisal Khan started with introduction of 10 DoA campaign and shared with main idea of theatre performance called “Learn without fear”. The plot of the play was how a young person faced with problems related to his sexual and reproductive health, how he discussed this issue with his parents and friends. He learnt how to protect himself in the future and start to openly discuss without hesitation. As a result young people actively participated in after play discussions.


10 DoA campaign is actively promoted through different channels of mass media and social media. In this regard Y-PEER in Somaliland developed radio messages on HIV prevention and already aired in local radio two times a day. This airing will continue till the end of the campaign. We are estimating to reach 4500 young people via radio airings and raise their attention on HIV issues.

Female Genital mutilation as one of the malpractices that happens in Somalia, young people are fighting against it. For the same cause a 3 days’ workshop on Female Genital mutilation for PEER educators was organized by SYPN. The workshop benefited 22 people including 11 females and 10 males. The workshop started on 6th Sept and completed on 8th Sept.  The participants included students from 4 different Universities who are mostly mainly medical students. Regional Health Coordinator from Ministry of health inaugurated the workshop. The workshop included various like; types and definitions of FGM, Complications of FGM, linkages between FGM and HIV/AIDS, linkages between FGM and maternal health.
The workshop also resulted in a strong advocacy effort. Young people on the workshop will produce a statement calling Somaliland government to make one of its main priorities and agenda the reproductive health of young people. The declaration will be disseminating the local newspapers, TV and Radio. 

New York, USA

SMART Youth is using our digital media reach to promote the 10 Days of Activism through blogs, twitter and Facebook to talk about sexual health issues facing young adults today in New York City. On Day 6 SMART Youth talked about the basics of HIV/AIDS and answered the questions we get asked the most in workshops by teenagers.  Day 7 is our weekly meeting where we hosted a training on the basics of sexual and reproductive health and rights.


In college of Economy and Service in Kuvasay city NGO Mehrjon conducted an info session on 10 DoA campaign. 50 young people learnt about Y-PEER activities and increased their knowledge on HIV issues.
The other activity was continues of theatre-based training in Tashkent city organized by Creativity Palace of Youth “Kelajak Ovozi”. The second day participants increased their knowledge and skills on “team improvisation” and how to create messages on HIV prevention. After the training all volunteers helped to paint walls in “Save the children” organization. It was informative and interesting day which was dedicated to 10 DoA campaign.
Day 7
An online activities were ongoing in China on “weibo” (a website which is similar to the twitter, since China banned twitter and facebook, weibo has been used as Chinese twitter). The messages through the social media is to encourage young people show what they want to say to the society and what their demands are by sending pictures to our weibo.
The messages with pictures included different messages, one of the example is given here. This is photos that young people shows on weibo. The sentence mainly means that young people should speak out for themselves.


An interactive lecture was organized among 30 youths, adults, and nurses in Jabal Amel Hospital by Dr. Ghinwa Dakdoky followed by discussion over different questions about HIV and STD’s. The lecture was about STD’S and HIV and the precautions so that the youths are knowledgeable on this aspect and that they learn how to accept the positive diagnosed people in their society. Interview of the doctor was also done in which she shared her experience and gave some messages for the youth of Lebanon.


Moroccan Organization Of Peer Education organized an outdoor educational workshop with youth from the city of Kenitra with 12 young people including 5 girls and 7 boys. The workshop took place in a lake well known in the region is Lake SIDI BOUGHABA with an objective to strengthen the capacity of these young people and make them start discussing on issues related of sexuality. The workshop was scheduled with different games to share information on youth sexuality. Young people shared difficulties being faced by themselves to talk about their experiences in this issue. After several dynamic games, youth have accumulated a set of specific terms sexual and reproductive health as they started to talk about their experiences. The participants were enthusiastic to share the gained knowledge to other peers as per the evaluation of the workshop.


Today, Y-PEER Algeria presented a great story written by our peer Yacine.
The story is entitled: “Red ribbon and treats” and it is about the life of a women living with HIV. The story is really touching and also concerns topics as: gender based violence, stigma, discrimination, prevention of transmission from mother to child. This story shows the perseverance of a woman in its fight against AIDS. A true example of a person who is full of hopes and who doesn’t let any obstacle to be stronger than her.
Said Sansal, representative of the organizing committee of the campaign talked to a national radio station about the 10DoA campaign.
Zahra, FPC , was invited to an online debate with TV channel to talk about accessibility of PLHIV to treatment and care.


Blaze Youth Development Organization conducted an awareness session on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights at Press Club Burewala on 6th September 2012 at 10 AM to 2 PM. 35 young people (male and females belongs to different communities of Burewala) have been participated in the training. Mr. Umer Draz Khan introduced the activity and briefed the people about the 10 Days of activism campaign. After that Miss. Fozia Nawaz and Mr. Khurshid Manzoor conducted the session on SRHR and aware to the participants about the importance of SRHR. There were two parts of training. First part of the training, speakers deliver the information about SRHR and the second round was on question answer basis. In the end Miss. Ayesha Bibi conducted the Review session among the youngsters about their sexual education and health. Review was very interesting and in the favor of activity. Mostly youngster knows about their sexual and reproductive Health very first time. They were expecting more activities related to this topic.


The activists from Egypt shared their three activities from the last few days with us. The first was a local Peer education training for youth and adolescence who are volunteers in an NGO's which partner with Y-PEER Egypt.
The second activity was the start of outreach campaign in north-Sinai beach and it aimed to reach people who were picnicking on the beach and raise their awareness about reproductive health and youth issues and distributed around 2000 ICT materials.
They conducted fur peer educations sessions as part of the 10DoA 2012. They took place in youth centers and the topics were: HIV and the stigma issue.


We have organized ‘The first national theatre - based techniques for peer education’ training and it was planned to be hold in 04 September - 07 September 2012 in Mongolia. We have conducted our training through the manual methodologies. The participants acquired basic knowledge including theatre – based peer education related to the issues about prevention of HIV&AIDS, SRHR, gender and rights during the workshop. Recent 2 days, participants had divided into 4 groups and they prepared the composition which is related issue of sexual and reproductive health such as under the theme of sexual abuse, gender, and body image.
Moreover, participants made action plan and they will start their activities which has planned by 1st October.
Also, we made and printed 1000 booklets for youth peers of Y-PEER Mongolia. There are Including Y-PEER information, information about SRHR and rights, prevention of HIV&AIDS, youth peers’ daily work sheet, information of using condom, address of hospitals, health advisories, Future Threshold youth centers of different villages.
We distribute the badge, jacket with logo, ‘theatre-based techniques for peer education’ a training manual to all participants.
At the end of the training, we have 4 different type of composition and we upload the video of our composition on youtube channel.
There are 16 participants from different countryside and 9 participants from Y-PEER committee group and member organizations in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.


A review meeting on ICPD+14 took place in Sudan

The meeting was attended by FPs of Y-PEER, the meeting had shed the light on the ICPD+14
The meeting was attended by FPs of Y-PEER partners, the meeting had shed the light on the ICPD+14, and how the Sudan government take action about the ICPD the dissociation was very interesting it was about the strategic action plan for youth and how the youth know about their available right.


We decided to organize a Theatre Based Training in the frame of “10 DoA, 2012”. In the 1st day participant get information about “Theatre”, “Educational theatre”,“composition”, “staging”, “history of personage” and etc. Besides information about “10 DoA” Campaign and Y-PEER Network participants get information about:
1) Creation of personage, his history.
2) Group work. Creation of 3 minutes sketches concerning gender equality, ways of HIV infection transmission, smoking prevention.
3) Presentation of practices. Discussion.
4) Theoretical part: The key moments of composition at educational theater (
(Who? What? Where? outset, culmination, outcome).


In Macedonia, 41 young people joined the youth force in the country to voice for their SRHR. They were provided with skills of Project management and advocacy for peer educators. In the frame of 10Days of Activism capacity building and raising awareness among young people for engaging in to decision making process their health and wellbeing was initiated. The three days training was led by young people themselves as facilitators. Starting from the first day new of the training, the participants were inspired to push YPEER agenda and focus on SRHR, SE, YFS and active citizenship which was carried out throughout the training days too.


An amazing initiative has been taken by " Shajar w Bashar ", an association in Lebanon that started a drawing that will enter the Guinness record for the largest drawing of reproductive and sexual health for young people. Around 10 young people gathered and discussed for the event which held in the center of the association in Saida, South Lebanon. The audience is the people who are going to see it in Lebanon or outside which it may be international audience. The main result will be if we can enter the Guinness records and show the world that the youth can do.

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