The 4th edition of the International Advocacy Campaign "10 Days of Activism"

The World We All Want


The World We All Want



Monday, September 10, 2012

Young people interviews

One of the initiatives of the 10 days of Activism Campaign is to gather and show young people from different countries answering a set of standard questions, related to the key issues addressed by the campaign:

  • Meaningful Youth Participation
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Youth Friendly Health Services

From 1st to 10th September, young people have been conducting interviews during some of their activities and as they are finalized and shared, we are publishing them.

For now, you can check the videos with interviews of young people in 

and Albania 

Stay tuned for more videos with young people answering the standard questions for 10DoA video

1.    Was your sexuality education good?

Yes / No

If yes, where did you receive it? Why was it good?
If not, where you would like to receive it? What should it include?

2.    If you or your friend would go for information or services related to your sexual reproductive health,
what would be important to you? (to make you feel comfortable)

3.    Do you feel you are involved in decisions that concern your health, education & other aspects of your

Yes/ No

Check out the planned activities from 42 countries

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