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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Highlights from the last day of the campaign :)

These are the highlights from the last day and includes 12 countries: Bulgaria, China, India, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Nepal, Oman, Sudan, Uzbekistan. :)


Y-PEER Bulgaria conducted a Local Advanced ToT.

This is the third year that in Bulgaria is held Autumn national school for young people who want to work with their peers most at risk. The overall objective of the training is to build the capacity of the volunteers in outreach work, using peer to peer approach. The autumn school empowers us by giving the possibility to make decisions for ourselves and our ways of working. For example, one of our greatest successes so far is that we’ve discussed and created the rules of living and working during the training with full confidence of our adult mentors and trainers. Some participants say that the school allows everyone to participate, share and have his or her opinion heard. Others share that such trainings give them professional growth opportunities and that they help develop different capabilities. Also the training stimulates us to continue our work with young people in the future.

We work on different topics (such as communication, values, tolerance, psychoactive substances, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, contraception, outreach standards and simulations and etc.) and discuss cases which help us to learn how to deal with different situations in our work as volunteers. We also try to understand, communicate and support our peers at risk. We exchange experiences and knowledge. In the afternoon we work in groups by cities where each group contains at least two city teams. In these two sessions we use role playing games and again discuss different themes to further build our knowledge and skills.


Training was held in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province and 30 young people attended it. The trainers are university students who have received our training for trainers in July. The training mainly provided basic information about YSRH and how young people can get support from the officials.


On the last day of the 10 DOA, it was decided to  give a platform where youth can write down the message that they  want  to highlight and discuss  the issues, concerns they really wish to discuss  next year during the 10 DOA .This was done online through face book mainly by sharing the message board across the profiles. Thought provoking messages ranging from giving power to youth, the responsibility of youth to pressures faced by youth were jotted down by participants.
We organized a training workshop for the preparation of Youth Peer Educators on the topic of sexually transmitted diseases, specifically AIDS in Baghdad, prepared by the Y-PEER Iraq supported by the United Nations Fund for Population “UNFPA” and organized by the Association “Together to protect Human and Environment” , held in Baghdad during the period from September 7 to 12, 2012 and by 36hours of training during which has promoted media about 10 Days of Activism campaign and supported by Y-PEER Iraq!


Graffiti  Art activity (Syrian and Jordanian   young people outside camps / self-expression activity ) This activity came out of the Y-PEERians and partner activists to open  the space for refugees who are not living in camps and for young  people in general to express the meaning of their rights to them  and what messages they want to send to other stakeholders to  fulfill their rights under the theme of the campaign. It took place in UNFPA premises with participation from young people aged between 15 – 26, unfortunately we only had 4 Syrian participants.


The activity took place at The APHIA PLUS grounds which is a USAID funded project where we conducted a youth forum and crowned the youth champions as Mr. AND Miss Y-PEER who will be our role models in all Y-PEER activities in their regions.
IN attendance was an officer from the population and planning agency, representatives from the ministry of health and staff from the APHIA project.
The objective was to commission these champions to the community and delegate their roles as advocacy champions.


FLESH-MOB took place in Bishkek City.
The target groups of the activity were:
        Young people studying at universities, schools, colleges of.
        Working young people and street children.
        Disorganized young people
        And representative of mass media
The main purpose of the flesh-mob was: attracting people’s: decision makers’, young people’s, adults’, local and international NGOs’ attention to the issues of young people on SRHR
Volunteers: 35-40
Audience: more than 400 people, and most of them were young people as well as adults


Public discussion and press conference with decision makers “Macedonia 
accomplishment in ICPD’ goals”
YPEER Macedonia closed 10 days of activism with advocacy initiative, debate and press conference. The highlight of the whole initiative was the support letter from Macedonian President H.E. Gorge Ivanov  in which he expresses the importance of youth involvement in to decision making process. Furthermore, we distributed “The letter to decision makers” to all 120 Members of the Macedonian Parliament. On the debate YPEER FPs presented 10 days of activism initiative in Macedonia and rest of the world, Youth Demands for Meaningful Youth Participation, Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Youth Friendly Health Services and we inquired policy makers to commit to accomplishment in ICPD’ goals and Action Plan.


A workshop on “Human Rights Status in Nepal” was conducted by NEEHD at Career Building International Academy, Pepsicola, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Among the participants were the students and teachers and social workers, youth activist. They actively participated in the interaction program for 2 hours and very enthusiastically shared their ideas and thoughts regarding the subject matter given in the Nepalese context.
1. Human rights status is believed to be deteriorating every day in Nepal, the government of Nepal right now is preparing to introduce a bill that has planned to grant Amnesty to the human rights violators during the ten year long insurgency in the past. This had really saddened the people of Nepal as it would set a wrong example and boost the confidence of the violators in the days to come.

2. The female participants view that they have been deprived of even their constitutional rights of 33% reservation in all the state organs. Similarly they complain that they are not able to adopt their professions freely due to the family, social, religious, cultural and traditional, restrictions.
3. Due to the caste discrimination in Nepal, so many so called low caste youths have found themselves unable to develop their personalities by choosing the profession they like. For example they can’t start a hotel service in their locality because the so called upper caste customers do not visit their hotels.
4. As the concept of inclusive democracy is growing ,the different laws regarding giving special reservation has been provided to the different marginalized and disadvantaged groups .This system has surely some good aspects, however it has brought frustration among the so called upper class but poor youths .They think that they have been deprived of their rights only because they were born in the so called upper caste family.


Y-PEER Oman Joined a Omani Group Called “ Clean Up Oman “ in The Omani Culture Club , in order to discuss and learn how Important is for the young people to participate in saving the Environment and How it is Important to Raise Awareness in Schools For Kids and how can Y-PEER Help in Rising Awareness for the Youth in School From age 15 to 17.
In the Wrokshop we Discovered that Youth In oman Need to Be aware and Y-PEER Oman should be more involved in helping them.

On September 10th, we announced the winner of the 10 Days of Activism Romania photo and drawing online contest. The participants had to take a photo of themselves or draw a picture with a message that completes the phrase: “We need sexuality education because…”
The pictures were uploaded on the campaign blog and received online votes.


The day began with opening Exhibition of the participating associations and partner ceremony is open to the two formations in addition to theatrical and singing posts and poetry honoring a number of contributors to the success of the campaign, and ended the day singing ceremony.
There is many benefits: raising awareness to young people about the HIV/AIDS in free space, strengthen cooperation within youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in order to bring grass activism to international attention
The interaction of the audience many topics of young people's sexual health and the spread of AIDS Promote a culture not to isolate people with disabilities and people living with HIV Advocate for youth issues and gain the support of a number of officials and political leaders


Info session was conducted for students from 8 and 9 classes. During the session students get information about 10 DoA Campaign, Y-PEER Network and basic information about Drug Abuse. At the end of activity volunteers have distributed leaflets about STI and HIV/AIDS.

On the last day of the campaign 10 days of Activism Blaze Youth Development Organization organized a very interesting activity“What is in Your Mind” at Jinah Hall Kabeer Wala on 10th September 2012 at2 PM to 4 PM. A freedom wall was posted in the hall for youth where they may freely comment about their life. More than 150 youngsters commented on wall and share their views. Young people were feeling free to write their opinion on freedom wall. For example a youngster wrote on the wall that “youth should take practical steps for the spread of knowledge and self-awareness” other comments were:
1. I have right of learning
2. Make your vote powerful for our nation
Mostly youngster knows about their sexual and reproductive Health very first time. They were expecting more activities related to this topic.

Check out the planned activities from 42 countries

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