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10 Days of Activism (10DoA) is an international campaign mobilizing youth organizations and young people from 50 countries around the world to advocate for a rights-based, youth centered development agenda at the national and global level , this year the third 10DoA will be taking a place from 1st to 10th of September 2012  with the theme (Nothing for us without us ) we are emphasizing that youth should be centralized to the global development agenda however this should be done with us and not for us to be able to make the decisions, to take an active role in all phases of decision making that affects our lives and to take up leadership roles to address and promote the issues that matter for us including sexual and reproductive health and rights!

 One of the channels  used to achieve this is to highlight at least 30 youth led actions that are promoting this agenda through local community channels and social media, while bringing national stories to international attention.

The highlighted actions will be used to encourage others to participate in the 10DoA Campaign.

Young faces will celebrate and recognize young leaders in their communities as proof of the power of young people , every day starting the 1st of september 3 new stories for young faces who made diffrence in their communities will be promoted daily on 10DoA social media and media channels to share with the world true stories of young people power and their contribution to communities on diffrent levels , it can be a story of a peer educator raining awarness of HIV/ADIS in their village or a young leader in the university or it can be your story !

Who are the young faces ?
Young faces represent young people from regions all around the world. The equal coverage for all the regions will be taken in to consideration 
Young faces age 15 – 30 years old
They will be sharing thier stories while inspiring other young people to be pro-active and bring positive changes in thier communities
young faces are the leaders and/or participants in a youth led action in the below areas :
  • ·         Meaningful youth participation
  • ·         Comprehensive Sexuality education
  • ·         Youth friendly health services
      What is the selection process ?
      A comitee consists of 10DoA coordinators and partners will be working on screening the applications and selecting 30 young faces who match the criteia taking in to consideration covering the diffrent regions , age groups and variety of the youth led actions weather they are high level advocacy levels or grassroot activities !
      The selected faces will be contacted early August to work on their stories and provide photos that will be promoted and posted on diffrent media and social media channels during the 10DoA Campagin period (1st to 10th of September 2012 )


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